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Week 8 Assignment

Once you have read the content, in one full paragraph, tell me (in three sentences minimum) one specific thing that you learned from the article. In your second paragraph, tell me some specific information that you would have liked to have seen discussed further in the article (in three sentences minimum). Then, choose 5 vocabulary terms from the images provided. Explain each of these vocabulary words in a historical way (defining each term in your own words, not directly from the notes) in relationship to the article. Each vocabulary word should be defined in one sentence and each relationship in another sentence. Make sure each of your examples comes directly from the article on ledger art only! I will upload the vocab when im finished writing them.
Once you have read the content, in one full paragraph, tell me (in three sentences minimum) one specific thing that you learned from the article. In your second paragraph, tell me some specific information that you would have liked to have seen discussed further in the article (in three sentences minimum). Then, choose 5 vocabulary terms from the images provided. Explain each of these vocabulary words in a historical way (defining each term in your own words, not directly from the notes) in relationship to the article.
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