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Evaluative Essay

Evaluative Essay Many large arguments contain issues of evaluation that present special difficulties. Our sense of value goes so deep that we tend to treat them as self-evident. Yet the well-known saying “Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion” need not end the discussion of values, which include beliefs about good/bad, right/wrong, and moral/immoral. Evaluative Prompt: In a 1000 word essay, choose a person or institution that is an example of the one of the virtuous idea's of Aristotle(USE ARISTOTLE'S NIMOCHEAN ETHICS). Evaluate how well this example fits your definition. You may need to use outside research for this essay. If so, make sure you properly cite your sources using MLA format found in your Wadsworth Handbook. Make sure and follow the rules of Evaluative Arguments. Show effective critical thinking skills through evaluation, synthesis, and analysis. Follow all of the conventions of proper writing in argument, mechanics, and style.
Evaluative Essay Many large arguments contain issues of evaluation that present special difficulties. Our sense of value goes so deep that we tend to treat them as self-evident. Yet the well-known saying “Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion” need not end the discussion of values, which include beliefs about good/bad, right/wrong, and moral/immoral. Evaluative Prompt: In a 1000 word essay, choose a person or institution that is an example of the one of the virtuous idea's of Aristotle(USE ARISTOTLE'S NIMOCHEAN ETHICS).
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