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SUBJECT AREA Criminology
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Cybercrime exercise

Scenario: The cybercrime section of the LAw Management and Enforcement (LAME) has received complaints about someone at a local high-school being cyberbullied through popular social media outlets. You, as a local LAw Management and Enforcement Representative (LAMER), have been assigned to investigate the case. However, you are not familiar with the cyberbullying policies of these websites. Requirements: Pick 5 popular social media websites. Review their cyberbullying policies. Do they have a policy? If so, summarize it briefly. Try to find out how effective the websites are in helping the cyber-bullies, and how effective they are at stopping the bullies. Do you see any commonalities? Does the policy seem effective? How can it be abused/bypassed? Reporting Requirements: Treat this as a mini-research paper, and do a proper formal write-up. Discuss each of the 5 social media websites in approximately one double-spaced page each (total of ~5 pages). The best papers will also compare and contrast the various sites, and not simply summarize each. Use formal APA style for all submissions. You will be graded on the clarity and conciseness of your argument, as well as whether your argument is compelling.
Scenario: The cybercrime section of the LAw Management and Enforcement (LAME) has received complaints about someone at a local high-school being cyberbullied through popular social media outlets. You, as a local LAw Management and Enforcement Representative (LAMER), have been assigned to investigate the case. However, you are not familiar with the cyberbullying policies of these websites. Requirements: Pick 5 popular social media websites.
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