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First stages of schooling is, undoubtedly, the most significant phase in the educational process. Teacher’s task is to evaluate pupils’ purview and demonstrate them the most significant and interesting aspects of the study. Moreover, working with pupils in first grades, the teacher is able to lay the foundation of all future education. Therefore, it is definitely not recommendable to ignore the importance of early schooling. As a matter of fact, all types of assignments developed for this educational phase, such as writing an argumentative essay, performing laboratory work or conducting a literature investigation for natural history lessons are designed to familiarize students with primal principles of the contemporary scientific paradigm. Thus, all teacher’s efforts should be directed at creating a scientifically right and understandable picture of the modern world. Therefore, natural history lessons rightfully hold a place among the most relevant methods of schooling in first grade. Luckily, nowadays there exists a great diversity of educational recommendations created to simplify pedagogue’s tasks. Nevertheless, it is always wise to refresh one’s memory and practical skills in order to achieve perfection in teaching. Let us examine the primal objectives of the modern educational program that includes essential material about Earth’s place in our galaxy.

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The teacher ought to select and classify available educational and historical materials. One can use experience previously obtained during lectures about a case study method and its application in teaching. Undoubtedly, every modern pedagogue is familiar with basic principles of a case study, so this part of assignment should not transform into a considerable problem. One has to remember that the selection of study material must be performed in accordance with pupils’ skills and knowledge base, so it would be wise to commit pre-educational tests in order to fix possible misunderstandings from the very beginning. Secondarily, the teacher should examine available demonstrative materials (earth and space homework help) and/or design her own presentation. Remember, lessons of natural history must be understandable and engaging for all pupils. Therefore, a perfectly designed educational program covers all groups of students and provides extra knowledge for interested learners simultaneously. The main principles of this educational course are as follows:

  • - demonstrativeness of the material. The pupils will undoubtedly understand the Copernican and Ptolemaic models of the Universe better, if they are able to visualize this pattern. Try to arrange different models of the structure of the Universe in historical order. This will assist you in the demonstration of how scientific and religious paradigms were transforming through the history of humankind. You can also examine different kinds of papers about religious studies. For centuries astronomy existed in a direct connection with Catholicism, so complete understanding of religious doctrines is necessary for teacher’s work as well as a good knowledge about modern physical paradigms.
  • - apprehensibility of the educational course. The teacher must be ready to explain all sophisticated parts of the program to pupils, using models and PowerPoint presentations. It is irrational to concentrate learners’ attention on complicated Kepler’s formulas and calculations. Intelligible models of planet system will be much more useful during the first stages of education.
  • the completeness of the presentation. Your lecture must include all key points regarding the main peculiarities of the Solar System, such as necessary information about the main celestial bodies, the names of planets and satellites. If you have a desire to supply your students with sophisticated information about the periods of rotation or about the axial tilt of Earth you are free to organize extracurricular activities with your pupils.
  • - the sequence of presentational parts. It is highly recommendable to write different types of narrative essays about the structure of the Solar System in order to master your presentation techniques. There is no necessity to follow a formal teaching style. Students will be glad to receive all necessary information about the Solar System in the form of an enjoyable game or interesting dispute, so do not neglect this opportunity to bring some fun in your educational program!

After you have acquainted your students with basic principles of the structure of our planetary system, you have to choose the most comfortable way to consolidate their knowledge. Writing a persuasive essay about the received material is the one of the best methods to test their knowledge, so it will be wise to select this educational technique. Your primal aim is to concentrate students attention on the features that distinguish our planet from many other, such as the tilt of Earth's axis that causes a change of seasons, the variety of climatic zones on our planet and the presence of liquid water reserves on Earth. In addition, performing this task, students will surely develop their writing and discussion skills. Without a doubt, these skills are essential for future assignments, so you can be sure that your pupils will know how to write a philosophy paper or how to compose a laboratory report. A student's’ homework task may also include a report about their own impressions. Different excursions, a visit to a planetarium or NASA educational video materials can also be used in their report, so do not limit kids imagination if you want to achieve the best result in teaching. You can also stimulate your best pupils to make their own presentations about the Solar System. Interesting disputes in school guarantee that their interest in astronomy will be permanent.

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