CV vs. Resume: The Difference between them

Your CV Resume is your ticket to a good life. It creates the first impression on your potential employer and makes him decide whether you're actually worthy candidate who is able to undertake proper tasks, face challenges and actually be a responsible intelligent employee with all that list of qualities he expects you to have. For the reason that this issue is of such significance sometimes young people too worry about it and make mistakes.

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First of all let us make it clear regarding the meaning of these two documents, CV and Resume. It is essential to be aware of the difference between them. If your potential employer wants you to send him your CV, you must send exactly this kind of document, not a brief scribble. The same thing is when you are asked to send a Resume. In this case, you should know that it has to be laconic and clear.

Curriculum vitae – which means «course of life» in Latin – is a comprehensive and detailed document providing information about your education, publications, awards, affiliations, appropriate experience (including volunteering), recommendations and different academic accomplishments. Usually it takes two pages and even more, if there are applications. It includes your academic background, as long as it typically serves when candidates apply for academic, education and research positions.

As for the Resume, it is concise and shouldn't be longer than one page with the exception of particular circumstances. It is focused on a relevant work experience and your professional achievements. Note that in a Resume you should list all the information in reverse chronological order.

Basically, both documents include the most important information about you such as name, contact information, education, work experience, skills and both are needed as the primary stage before interviewing.

Now that you know the specificity of each, it is time to get through situations, when you need to use CV and when Resume. If you apply for some sort of academic or research positions, or want to get an educational grant you need to write a Curriculum vitae. This document is commonly used in the USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. In all other cases it is appropriate to use a Resume. Be attentive when reading requirements for the candidates because they may contain information about the type of needed document.

CV Resume writing is a kind of art, science and hard work at the same time. Apart from being a great specialist in your field, it is also necessary to be a good psychologist. By this, we mean a capability to compose the information in such a way that it could make a perfect impression on the prospective employer. You have to be ready for spending a lot of time formulating your skills and defining your objectives.

Your CV is a marketing tool number one for you. You need to show who you are and to place the emphasis on your best characteristics. Don't be shy to pay compliments to yourself and to demonstrate how talented, special, accomplished and smart you are. You sell yourself like you are the most expensive, highly qualified advanced candidate an employer could ever dream of. This is how it works. Nobody but you can truly know what you can and if you don't inform about it confidently without any embarrassing then how will the employer find out that he needs you?

When writing a Resume, it is especially needed to make all your statements clear. If you want to tell about your teamwork skills, you should write down the meaning of these skills to you and produce proofs. Tell them what makes you an effective group member and how a group can benefit from you. Convince them that there is no way this company will succeed without your cooperation.

Have you ever paid attention to how confident successful people are? That's not accidentally. Even if you are genius and professional, but you don't believe in yourself and have doubts as to your capability, you won't get your job. It can be seen in your writing manner whether you are confident about what you are writing or not. So remember this important moment.

You cannot know everything and be a good hand in everything. This is normal since nobody expects you to be a universal soldier at the very beginning of your career. You should demonstrate your willingness to learn and readiness to perpetual perfection. Remember, only practice makes perfect.

All in all, you future career starts here, at the moment of composing CV. You need to make significant efforts in order to do it right. Certainly you are going to need an example of a good written document, and we can give you the best one.

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