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CV Cover Letter

For today's jobseekers it is obvious that competition today is tougher than in the past decades. However, presence of competition means that somebody always has advantage. Hence, if you really want to get a desired job, you should have something different and useful that your rivals do not. That thing is a skill to place yourself in a good light.

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We usually think that all we need is to write an interesting and capturing Curriculum Vita. Of course, without a highly attractive CV you have no chance to get a position. Though, even if you have a great CV, there is still one thing that has to be done. If you do not want your CV to be mixed with others and put away, you should create a strong cover letter, which can help you to catch the reader's attention at once.

The first reason for not to forget a CV cover letter is that this small message is the first thing everybody read. Clever candidates never send their resumes to the employer without any explanations. In this letter, you have a chance to tell about your intentions and expectations.

Creating a cover letter is a process similar to oratory. A perfect cover letter persuades the reader to open the attached CV and inclines him in your favour. Unfortunately, not many jobseekers possess this useful skill. Find out about how to make a cover letter!

A brief guide on CV cover letter styles

Depending on vacancy and company, you should select a writing style appropriate for your vacancy. Remember that you are going to start a communication process, so you need to define what sort of people you are going to write to. It is not that simple, but you can use available information about the job: read the vacancy details again, notice the style, then read about the company. Acquaint yourself with three basic formats for a cover letter: conservative, speculative and creative.

Conservative (standard) style is for business, law and accounting positions. This kind of letter contains standard phrases and gives exhaustive information about your reasons for applying a particular position: where you found an advertisement, what gave you an idea to apply, what useful skills you possess, what kind of knowledge will help you in your work, readiness to start working immediately. You should begin your letter with "Dear Mr. Grey,". Finish your letter with traditional polite final phrases; express your gratitude for employer’s time.

Speculative letter style may be applied differently depending on type of organization. It differs from the previous style in language. Do not use clichés and sapless phrases. You should also begin with "Dear Mr. Grey,". Then continue your letter and mention about the purpose of your message. In the text of the letter you may use more informal phrases. Also you may ask the reader to keep your CV on file if he cannot offer any fitting vacancy for you at the moment.

Creative style is for creative jobs. You aim is to be original. However, you should also start with the same form of address "Dear Mr. Grey,". Further text may be written in the manner of your choice. In any case, you should use your imagination, but also show that you understand what the job includes. Your letter should be not too wacky.

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Structure of CV cover letter

The first paragraph should contain mention about the position you are applying for. Mention the advertising source where you found the information about the vacancy. Companies usually take an active interest, which of their advertising methods work the most effectively. In this paragraph you should also inform the employer when you can start work.

The second paragraph tells about your reasons. Why this job interests you? Why would you like to work for this company? If the company is big, you can say that you would like to become a part of the great business. If it is small, say you prefer to become a member of a small friendly team.

In the last paragraph, tell about your strengths and skills; mention how they might be useful for this position and the company.

Key points

Creating the cover letter you should write no more than 250 words (it is about page long). You can print it with your CV and send it in the envelope or simply send by email. In any case, take into account the following recommendations.

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