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Mathematics rightfully bears the name of “The Queen of the Sciences”. Unfortunately, there exist many people, who consider that mathematics is an over complicated and boring discipline, and that it has no significant value in real life. The main goal of a consumer math course is to convince the students that a profound knowledge of mathematics is highly valuable in real-life situations, for example, when you are busy with writing a thesis or paying taxes. Of course, some fields of mathematical studies such as non-Euclidian geometry or Riemannian geometry, are too sophisticated for using them in day-to-day activity. However, basic principles of mathematics are essential for a great number of professions. No one can be named an “educated person” if he or she has no concept of basic mathematical rules and cannot use them properly. The usage of personal computers, occurring everywhere, also promotes neglect of mathematics by students, who believe that their devices can resolve every problem in their life. The main aim of a consumer math course is to overcome and disprove this dreadful misconception.

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Nowadays, every modern person pays the lion’s share of his or her life working with taxes, bank accounts, and restaurant bills. Moreover, every operation with your bank account requires the same accuracy as with performing calculations for overarching laboratory work, according to a contemporary lab report format. Otherwise, you run the risk of becoming a bankrupt, which is an extremely undesirable perspective. Therefore, the consumer math educational program is aimed at the development of students’ practical skills. A pure theoretical knowledge about all nuances of mathematical study is satisfying for laboratory work, but it is definitely insufficient for field operations that require categorical and quick actions. There exists a great number of educational courses designed to prepare students for real life demands and situations. A consumer math course stands out among other training programs by its orientation on practical achievements and by the extensiveness of its educational material. In addition, a great part of a math pre-educational course has a direct connection with other studies, such as sociology and statistics. Nowadays, practically all popular variants of math courses use the method of a case study (for example, case control study) in their educational program in order to cover all possible areas of mathematical science. Therefore, this educational course is undoubtedly required for all students regardless of their professional orientation.

Among the great variety of consumer mathematics courses, we can distinguish a few important directions. These educational programs are being designed in order to develop essential practical skills of a potential audience and inform them about the most ubiquitous assignments that can be faced by the students in financial peripeteia of their independent life. In addition, the consumer math programs supply students with a great multitude of schoolbooks, tutorials and book report examples regarding any possible financial problem connected with taxes and tax policy in different countries. Let us examine a short enumeration of consumer math courses that provide learners with a significant consumer math homework help, namely:

  • Business finance. This course is intended to prepare the student to an independent business. It includes different educational programs that supply students with necessary information about basic rules of recruitment, main principles of management culture and key-points of business planning. Moreover, the learners receive complicated practical assignments in accordance with case study examples of educational courses in order to develop their financial and mathematical skills, as well as a theoretical knowledge, for example, in tasks that require elaborating a business plan for a small enterprise, developing own independent marketing strategy, composing accounting reports or/and solving practical problems with personnel. All these assignments require a profound mathematical knowledge in the sphere of statistics and accountancy, so the lion’s share of units are created in order to test and develop learners’ mathematical artfulness.
  • Personal finance. The personal consumer math course supply students with practical recipes that are necessary for solving ordinary daily tasks, such as tax bill and tax rate calculation, investing, buying property and computation of a learner's wage. The significance of this educational course can hardly be overestimated. The students receive essential information that helps them integrate to the community and play their roles as successful owners of different types of movable and immovable property. In addition, there exist courses that are oriented on the intellectual property study, namely on financial and mathematical nuances of its distribution and protection. The students learn to solve problems quickly and efficiently, avoiding unpleasant problems that can overshadow their lives.
  • Financial software. The title of this educational course speaks for itself. The financial software program concentrates audience’s attention on various types of accounting software and different aspects of its work. The typical homework assignment demands writing thesis theme about nuances of financial statistics or developing a computer program aimed at solving some unexplored issues of financial mathematics. The graduates of this course are able to solve problems of financial statistics and accountancy, using a specially designed mathematical software. In addition, they are capable to continue their education in the sphere of consumer mathematics in specialized universities and educational courses. This course also provides the best variants of a consumer math homework help, which is highly appreciated by all learners.

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