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I have been a freelance writer for five years now. I am always open to working in any field. I do various types of assignments, mostly Business related as well as Sociology, Psychology, and Literature to mention a few. My passion for research has been my driving force in freelance writing. I read a lot of materials before I work on any assignment given. That is why I have over 800 positive reviews and only eight negative reviews over the 1400 orders I have completed so far. Client satisfaction is my main aim that is why I give my clients value for their money. I make sure that I take assignments that I can well handle rather than take jobs because they pay much and later disappoint my clients. I also take a break from work when I need to, to take time and reflect and also plan on how to handle my tasks well.
I am a Mechanical Engineer graduate. I am currently pursuing Business Administration and in my last semester. The course I studied and the one I am still studying have helped me handle various types of assignments in this platform. Not only that but they have also helped me to be open and face new challenges and attempt to take other tasks as well that I did not study at school. The key to writing a good paper is research, and that has been my most excellent tool. Freelance writing has been a fit for me since I am an introvert. I spend most of my days with my laptop rather than with people, and it has been more comfortable for me to adapt to this kind of work. I do not struggle to fit in; instead, I do it with passion believing that is what I was meant to be doing.
After the completion of my second course, I believe that I will still be doing this work and I will expand more on the fields that I am taking especially on business and management courses.
There is nothing more satisfying than doing what you love. Freelance writing is my passion. In as much as I write papers, I also learn from it every day.


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user1110130 user icon June 05, 2020 On Time Positive
Great work
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Great Job
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Satisfied with the Writer's work
Batoy user icon June 04, 2020 On Time Positive
Wow great job. Minimal error and writes well!
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