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Hello! My name is Jane. You can call me QualityWriter24. I am a writer, introvert, and always willing to satisfy my clients.
My education has been essential in advancing my writing skills and experience throughout the years. Notably, I acquired a Master’s in Business Management. When pursuing the course, I focused on various topics such as financial accounting, report writing, management, and assessing for business efficiency. I worked for more than four years in business accounting, business research, and management fields. More recently, I acquired a BSc. (Electrical Engineering) where I gained vital skills and knowledge in the engineering field concerning its application to electrical concepts. I have more than four years’ experience in electrical engineering wiring and electrical gadget repair.
That said, my educational background has been critical in shaping my writing career. An example is that I worked for two years as a college tutor in business and financial accounting. This allowed me to gain relevant confidence and competence in the creation, assessment, and presentation of financial books, as well as business report writing. I have gone on to apply these in my writing career including other courses apart from Business. Having gained four years’ experience in the business and management field, I have developed efficiently in the ideas in a straight forward but authentic way in line with 21st century academia.
My writing career has been a product of consistency and hard work while taking into account my client’s suggestions on the task and feedback thereafter. Over time, I realized that it is vital to maintain objectivity and act in as proposed by the client to deliver quality academic papers. Throughout my writing experience, I have developed a diverse mind and competency on numerous academic fields including Engineering, Business, Literature, History, Psychology, Nursing, Healthcare, and research writing just to mention a few.
I seek to continue applying my knowledge in writing and help my clients gain knowledge and achieve from my experience. I believe that I can be of assistance to academic writing tasks and in a position to deliver as expected.


Business Management




Environmental sciences, Film studies

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