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I am a college graduate with a diploma in Business Management, having graduated in 2012. During my research project, I successfully did my thesis entitled, “The Role of Human Resource management in Building Customer Loyalty,” which gave me deep insights into the academic research process.
After graduating from college, I worked for three years as a human resource assistant manager at Gtech Company. During this period I helped the human resource department developing effective recruitment policies. Further, I supported the HR department in assisting the employees of the company in growing their personal and professional brands. During my tenure in this company, I was also involved in strategic planning that resulted in a net profit of the company.
Over the last four years, I have been involved in freelance writing. This has helped to reinforce my ability to work on various subjects. My commitment to help students every day has equipped me with the requisite conditions and experience necessary to handle both the simple and complex problems. Some of the notable thesis I have done for my clients includes “Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Performance” and “Consumer behavior in E-Commerce,” among others.
Tutoring provides me with the opportunity to interact with students who have diverse academic needs. My happiness is to offer the student the quality and professional work that meets their personal and global-based standards. Through a keen examination of the needs and the problem of the student, I guarantee success both in the short term and long-term. I have extensive knowledge in various academic disciplines, and therefore I am in a better position to help the students in the respective area of need.
As a freelance writer, I ensure that I provide my clients with original work and zero percent plagiarized as I believe in the need for academic honesty. Ultimately, I promise to deliver a constant update on the work progress and to maintain a good relationship with the clients. My experience and proficiency have earned me trust among many students in the past trust me with your paper, and I will meet your expectations.


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