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I am a financial analyst with four years’ experience in the banking sector. I enjoy working within teams and fancy the intricacies that come with financial management. I consider positive thinking as a crucial driver in the workplace. I believe people need, not only to have academic qualifications, but also the right mindset to productively engage in work. For this reason, I have been engaged in the development of personal wellness programs at my workplace. The program has been instrumental in assisting my colleagues develop effective mental health techniques, which is essential in enhancing positive thinking at the workplace.
I am a firm believer that individuals should not be defined by their academic qualifications. I tend to think people lose a lot of opportunities by failing to explore their full potential, limited by what they did in college. In this regard, I continue challenging myself daily to ensure that I maximize my potential. I also ensure that I assist other people to grow professionally by nurturing their vision.
I value the importance of integrity, honesty, growth, and innovation. I have received several awards from my employer acknowledging my professionalism and desire for excellence. I have contributed to various topics regarding financing including sustainable development, political economy, and project financing. I have also handled some projects such as the revising the loan agreement policies for SMEs and mega projects. My advice as a financial analyst is to often sought after by the SMEs, especially regarding management and budgeting. I get fulfillment when the SMEs are able to grow and expand their offering beyond just being a startup.
As a risk taker, I try to push myself by exploring new opportunities that I can use to enhance my lifestyle. For instance, I have engaged in the development of business models and working out new business strategies as a consultant. I am also passionate about freelance writing. It started as a hobby, but then elevated to a source of income. I have three years’ experience in freelance writing. Within the three years, I have been able to expand my portfolio to include several disciplines. I continue challenging myself to learn new skills and add more disciplines in my portfolio. I am hoping to further my education in the coming years to fast-track my career development.
Outside of work, I enjoy watching movies and documentaries. I also engage in road trips and hiking with friends and family.


Kenyatta University, Bachelor, Finance



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