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I’m an experienced Bachelor of Commerce graduate with over 6 years of practice. I have been working in freelancing for the better part of my graduate and post-graduate days and therefore, I have gained a wide portfolio of expertise in the field of freelancing, and specifically, academic writing. The main motivation behind my excellence in freelancing is the great integration between my hobby, writing, and professional freelancing experience. Back from high school and on to University, I enjoyed and ventured into a lot of research and writing about a variety of topics, a hobby that I turned into a career while on campus. While on campus, I realized that I used to spend most of my time researching about current and medieval topics about art and the development of commerce, trade and trade patterns and scientific innovations, results which I would then publish in my own WordPress account. Then, I got introduced to academic writing, I realized that I could use my own hobby to help other students pass their tests and to ensure they yield the best from their Universities or Colleges and this brought me satisfaction. Every positive remark I got catapulted me further, and while I loved talking to people, writing occupied the biggest percentage of my time.
In my writing career, I have interacted with a wide portfolio of expertise, including on primal areas such as Biology, Physics, Geography, Demographics, Technology, History among other academic areas. Through my practice and experience with academic writing, I have become one of the most trusted yet guaranteed writers, with a wide base of professional experience and theoretical background in commerce areas such as Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Insurance, Business Development, Operations Enterprise Management, Company Law and other areas of Business. I have sharpened my tools on mastery of formats including the Chicago, MLA, APA, Vancouver and Harvard styles. My most common papers have revolved about personal statements for prestigious Universities, transfer letters occasioned by circumstances, research theses on various topics including controversial topics such as abortion, assisted suicide and death, and other areas such as palliative care, drugs, and substance abuse, social work papers about Burma, Karen communities among others. If you are interested in an experienced, broadly skilled and quality-guaranteeing academic writer on Studybay, I would encourage you to work with me.


University of Nairobi, Bachelor, Commerce




Investment strategies, Human rights

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user1413081 user icon October 27, 2020 On Time Positive
Satisfied with the Writer's work
Janet Chen user icon October 27, 2020 On Time Positive
She is the best!!
Janet Chen user icon October 27, 2020 On Time Positive
She is the BEST out of BEST writer I have ever met. Even If I gave her rush work, she finishes on time, and its perfect. she deserve a rating 10/10
user1491899 user icon October 26, 2020 On Time Positive
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