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Collins Ayatta

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Integrity, ethics, and superb writing are a challenge to acquire in today's saturated market of promises and fast talk. I distinguish myself from my average counterparts based on certain aspects that are especially essential in academic writing. Content dimension and intertextuality are two of these fundamental aspects.

One of my approaches to writing exceptional papers begins with understanding a topic comprehensively and sufficiently to pick those elements that are most relevant to a project based on given requirements/instructions. I then employ keen research and professional discernment to produce rich content, which ensures that my writing is informative and exhaustively detailed.

I also leverage intertextuality, which pertains to the connection between different sources. My analysis, digestion, interpretation, and expert opinion on the texts explored and the topic in question contribute to the overall quality of content.

Given how much I immerse myself into the projects I complete and how I endeavor to fully understand the individual needs of my clients, most of them choose to use me for the rest of their academic journey. My ability to discern a client's needs and preferences is a major determinant of merit in my writing. Above all, my long-standing experience in academic writing at the professional level sets me apart from most other writers and makes me one of the safest to work with.

One of the highlights of my writing career came about in[removed]as a contractual writer in the Medical, Environmental and Humanitarian field - where I gained two years of experience writing about the link between chronic illness and mental health. We were meticulous in the Chinese healthcare systems as well as their current national healthcare concerns, particularly how pollution affects and/or causes chronic illness.


University of Nairobi, Master, Chemical engineering


English, French


Human rights

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Essay 2
English Language, Critical Thinking
Critique of child lit book featuring religious diversity
English Language, Critical Thinking
Critical examination of 5 Chinese brothers and watch dangers of a single story
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