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Billy Paul

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Billy Paul’s journey as a freelancer began over six years ago and as soon as he started was immediately drawn to writing, academic writing to be more specific. Like many other worthwhile endeavors, the beginning was tough. He found himself in a new world without a clue on what to do or where to start. Getting clients was one of the biggest hurdles as nobody showed any interest in working with a newbie. Eventually one client warmed up to him and gave him a chance. This was his first shot to prove himself and prove himself he did. He delivered a quality paper that resulted in a good review which immediately made his profile more attractive. After this more and more people were willing to give Billy a chance and later everything fell into place. However, not all was smooth sailing after that as along the way there were various unforeseen challenges such as learning to keep up with different time zones. Despite this, Billy always managed to pull through and ensure that the client was completely satisfied. With years of experience Billy was able to put his writing skills to good use and attract more clients with many of them coming back for more quality services. Initially, Billy preferred to work on the basic sciences but over the years has developed quite an appetite for various other subjects such as literature, mathematics, philosophy, art and computer science just to name a few. Couple this with his impressive research skills and it would seem that Billy can handle virtually any paper. Throughout Billy’s writing career he has formed various bonds with clients that are founded on trust and consistency. When not engaged in writing Billy dabbles in the field of human resource management as a part time educator in a local college. However, writing remains his first priority and passion. Working with Billy is guaranteed to be an enjoyable and stress-free experience that is sure to yield exceptional results.


Human Resource Management




Physical education, Computer science

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user1392781 user icon January 17, 2021 On Time Positive
The is the 5th paper that billy has done for me and I get an A every time! I have never gone to anyone else. Paper was done on time and done correctly. I have no complaints Today 10:48 pm
user1830337 user icon January 11, 2021 On Time Positive
A good writter, the project completed really good, but maybe a little bit more communicate with the client
user1263572 user icon January 10, 2021 On Time Positive
Satisfied with the Writer's work
Momo0214 user icon January 05, 2021 On Time Positive
Satisfied with the Writer's work
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Art & Design, Essay
how is the image of man and women presenting in films
Sociology, Term paper
Pornography use among American Adolescents
Health Care, Research Paper
Health Policy Final
Sociology, Essay
Sexuality in College
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