What is an abstract lab report for?

When writing a lab report, you should remember that a good-written one has to present not only data, but also your comprehension of the key points and conception that is behind the data. Therefore, it is not just about recording the results of your experiment and observation. You need to explain all the occurrences and phenomena you described in the report itself. On the other hand, it is important to organize, structure and format your laboratory report appropriately. The typical components of a good report are: title page, abstract, introduction, methodology and materials, experimental procedure, results, discussion, conclusion, references, appendices and further reading. However, you may ignore some of these sections and include only the most essential. Anyway, the one section that you can never ignore is the abstract.

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The abstract section is meant to summarize four important moments in your laboratory report: the purpose of your experiment, which is usually the same as the purpose of your lab report; the main findings, the significance of achievements and the key conclusions. At the same time, the abstract usually includes a short reference to the theory or methodology. As a matter of fact, this part of your paper has to let your potential readers understand whether this laboratory report lies within their area of scientific interest. You can imagine that the abstract is a little version of your complete report. Having said that, look at what you should include in the abstract. Note, for each subsection provided below, you need to use one or two sentences, not more.

  • There is the main purpose of the report here.
  • The description of how you did it.
  • What were the achievements of your work?
  • Include here the hypothesis and the explanation for the judgment.
  • What is the usefulness of the work for you personally. What did you learn when doing the experiment?

The abstract lab report has to be written simply, coherently and clearly. Before you actually proceed to writing it, read your report thoroughly with the objective of making an abstract in mind. Concentrate precisely on the elements of the abstract that you are going to write. When you finish reading your abstract lab report, you need to write your first draft without looking again at your report. You'd better write it in a normal English rather than using different kinds of abbreviations and scientific words. You need to realize that although your potential reader has basic knowledge and comprehension of the subject or your report, he hasn't read the paper yet. Therefore, the abstract has to complete itself, there cannot be figures, graphs or other sections of the paper cited.

Describe the newly observed facts and phenomena and the final conclusions in the abstract. Also, include in it the new numerical data (if appropriate) and put the emphasis on the nature of the data itself. If the results are of the experimental character, describe the methodology you used in order to get such results. Remember making it not longer than one paragraph with nearly 200-250 words in it. Below, you can get acquainted with a part of a well-written abstract.

This experiment provides measurement of a physical quantity and arises the question how close the measured value is to the actual value. If supplementary measurements are implemented, this will reveal allocation of measured values, which arises new questions. This laboratory report answers all the above-mentioned questions by investigating the variation of multiple measurements. The report measures items like a circle's diameter and the height of the flame. Additionally, this work explores the variation of measurement.

This is a short version of what an abstract should look like. Although this section is in the beginning of the paper, the majority of researchers write it when they have already finished the paper. As you see, it summarizes the experiment, the questions it raises and the answers it gives.

As for the abstract lab report format, it has the following requirements. The abstract must definitely have the purpose, key results, the main point of discussion and the major conclusion. The rest of the subsections is up to you. You are free to choose whether you include the brief method and brief theory to the abstract or not. As for the restrictions, the abstract has to take no more than one page, one paragraph, and, as we have already mentioned, no more than 250 words.

When your laboratory report is ready, it doesn't mean it is finished. You need to carefully proofread your final draft and check whether there are any kinds of mistakes. Although this is not an English literature report, you still have to write correctly and remember the punctuation. Therefore, devote some time for making sure that everything is just perfect in your report.

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