We Care About Your Data

Want to make sure your personal info is safe and sound on Studybay? Hope this helps you learn a little bit more about how our platform processes your data.

What info do you collect?

Normally we only collect the info we need to create your personal account (such as your email, password, and username) and the info we need to set up time, date, and language correctly. We also have your payment info but it’s fully encrypted so we don’t even know your card expiration date. Some users decide to share their phone numbers with us, just so that our support team would contact them.

Who has access to my personal info?

We only provide your info to those who we trust: our business partners, hosting providers, and SMS-providers. The reason why we do so is simple: we just want you to get awesome services. That’s also why sometimes we may share some of your data with our employees, such as lawyers, tech specialists, or managers — in cases when they need your info to answer your questions or develop our platform.

But do other users have access to my info?

Only to your username and your userpic, also to your profile description if you have one. These things are visible to other users of the platform.

Do you give my data to Google or something like that?

No, we don't. We use your Cookies, Web beacons, and similar technologies to personalize your experience with the platform but we don't share your info with any third parties. However, Google Analytics or Yandex Metrica may collect some of your info, as well as they may do it on any other website, and we don't have any control over this. The only case when we can share your personal data with someone is when it's prescribed by any law, but, you know, this is kinda exceptional.

How can I delete my account from the platform?

If you no longer need it, let us know at [email protected] or via chat with the support team. Normally we keep your personal info for as long as your account is active, but sometimes we can keep it for longer to comply with our legal or professional obligations.

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