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Studybay is the best and latest way for anyone that needs essays, dissertations, post-graduate thesis papers, journal pieces and any other type of academic work to get help. In short, it is an online academic exchange platform. This means that you are in control if you are a student or a writer. The reason for this is that with Studybay, students and writers are connected. Yes, they actually communicate with each other. Gone are the intermediaries that in the past have linked the students and experts; no more talking through a third or even fourth party. Of course, this means a more competent service as a greater level of understanding can be reached through direct talk. Even better, it keeps the costs down. This is a win win situation for everyone.

Every day, we have thousands of new orders from our clients that need essays and dissertations completing from every discipline that you can name. The reason for this is that with Studybay, you can be sure:

  • All the work happens online. In other words, students chat to their experts and tell them specifically what their personal needs are.
  • As the communication is direct and the experts are the best there is, the quality of work is exceptional, quicker and less expensive than other companies.
  • Students are given a 20 day warranty to check and review their work.
  • Each piece of work goes through the latest anti plagiarism software so you can rest assured that it is 100% unique.
  • The writer will only be able to accept payment after the student has accepted the assignment.
  • Your funds are always safe with us and we use the most convenient methods for you such as PayPal, Payoneer etc.

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