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As a student you need to write different reports on the various of themes and one of them is a book review. It may sound as an easy task to do, but if you dig deeper, you will find a long list of criteria to take into account before even staring to read a book. You are required to transform yourself into a critic role and build your own opinion about author’s work. Professors do not care that you are not a writer or a famous critic, they want to see your own opinion whether you are happy to give it or not. Nevertheless, book review is a hard work which takes a lot of personal time, that is why we would like to offer you some help in that. You may ask: «But who can write a paper for me?» - the team of professional writers, who know the subject and all the details about what is a book review and how it should look like. The professors demand to follow a certain structure which may not be obvious for everyone, and our team is able to write a paper with using a given structure in an exemplary manner.

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It is not a secret that a book review is a higher level book report and to formulate right understanding of your assignment, you should recollect your school homework of writing a simple book report. Starting from the school years, it builds a basis for writing a complex book review. Book report requires careful reading and proper understanding of the main ideas in the book. In your report you bring the summary of the content along with a brief analysis of the book, and that will form your point of view and the feedback for recommendations.

The review is much broader than just a report. It can cover many different things which are not necessarily to be mention in a report. In that sense, book review provides a better overlook on the subject and expands thinking to the new levels. As we stated before, it all based on reading, and critical reading as well as careful reading are essential parts of the writing a book review. You need to identify the arguments and analyze them one by one, supporting with citations. The main difference between book report and book review is that in a book review you not only share your opinion and give personal estimation, but also find strengths and weaknesses of the book, relying on appropriate arguments. Your analysis should be enough detailed to give all needed evidences for «esteem» or «disgrace» of ideas in the book. To identify such ideas, you need to use critical reading. Criticism does not mean a negative perception of the ideas, it means to build objective and reasoned arguments for and against author’s ideas, moreover, criticism requires to analyze the way of presenting given ideas in the book. There are working suggestions on how to get prepared for book review:

  • Pay attention on your feelings and note them down while reading – this will help you to identify and analyze writing style of the author.
  • Cite most audacious expressions and meaningful phrases – this will build an ideas’ map of the book that will support one or another argument.
  • Identify the key issue or a question of the book – that will give you the view on what was the most important reason for writing a given book.
  • Go through the content and analyze the chapters’ order – that will give understanding on book’s organization & structure (Thematically or Chronologically).

We have defined what is a book review strategy and all necessary preparations so far, but the actual writing process is more exact and more complex. As most of academic works, a book review should start from Introduction, have main body and the conclusion:

  • Introduction – starts from a brief, but informative background of the author, period when the book was written and some other possibly important facts which have a reflection on the book’s pages such as public movements of that time. The second part of Introduction should be a thesis, which provides the information about key issues of the book, your clear evaluation and succinct strengths & weaknesses that will be discussed further. Reasoned and not objective arguments can be mentioned also.
  • Overview of key arguments – in that chapter you talk about book organization. You list arguments in a prioritized way with evidences, and draw parallels with other books, articles and etc. Your further success in analysis is dependent on how clear have you identified and explained the key arguments from the book.
  • Analysis & estimation – is the main chapter, where you use all collected quotations and build your arguments of strengths, weaknesses, merits, shortcomings based on your detailed analysis. You need to give examples which support your statements and arguments. If you state that the book is written in a structural and clear manner, you should bring a relevant example, which proves it.
  • Conclusion – is where you summarize all discovered information about the book and bring your own suggestions on how your work can contribute to the understanding of a given book.

How many times you told your classmate: «Please, write a paper for me?» - and you probably never got a positive answer. Our team is ready to help you with different assignments, starting from getting prepared for marketing coursework and finishing with book reviews and Web Design homework help.

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