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Business Model Innovation in hotel & Hostel booking platform
The identification and justification of a contemporary issue in business for investigation. The development of a coherent and critical literature review consistent with the identified contemporary business issue and practitioner literature resulting in the identification of “best practice” with respect to the management of the identified contemporary issue in business
Does Chandler’s model of integrated managerial enterprise explain the...
Requires at least 20 references, tips are in the file attached. (Harvard Referencing) Assignment Question: Does Chandler’s model of integrated managerial enterprise explain the organization of large companies in major economies and the long-term competitiveness of nations?
Is the Guardian Australia’s unique funding model sustainable in the long term?
Assignment 1: Media Industry Analysis • research and critically analyse the Guardian Australia, focusing on its operation in the Australian media industry.  • understand the organisation and the strategic challenges it faces in a fast-changing media environment, and how it has sought to address these challenges. 
A Business Model Canvas of Currency Exchange App (EASY TASK)
NEED TO BE DONE IN 6 HOURS (EASY TASK) -Further instruction will be given once hired. -Writers must have a Turnitin account (to check similarity) -Writers are verified from studybay -Writers are minimum 50 assignment done -High quality assignment content - (+/-) Feedback is given to writer once this grades are given -references are in Harvard style
Assignment 1: Diagram a motor skill using the above information processing model.
Assignment Instructions Information Processing Model Adapted from………… Atkinson, R.C.; Shiffrin, R.M. (1968). "Chapter: Human memory: A proposed system and its control processes". In Spence, K.W.; Spence, J.T. The psychology of learning and motivation. 2. New York: Academic Press. pp. 89–195. Assignment 1: Diagram a motor skill using the above information processing model. Choose and describe a hypothetical athlete/individual and a motor skill you would like to teach..
Corporate Valuation Model on Excel: Inc.
Deadline in 7 hours, cannot be extended unfortunately. 80% of this assignment needs corrections, which requires a Finance expert. The remaining 20% needs completing. Short-timeframe of 6 hours, should not need more for an expert. Everything up to the Pro Forma Financial Model have been attempted, but the figures are way off, so they will need to be corrected. Whereas, everything post that sheet will need to be filled in appropriately. The book to use for referring to the expected..
From hardware to SaaS subscription based business model
This is for the literature review section of my dissertation. In this report, I will be exploring the transition of businesses that have transitioned from hardware to software business model in order to provide a recommendation of implementation for the company in which I am currently doing an internship on. A company currently undergoing a digital transformation and switching business models. The findings will help the company decision makers be better prepared for the..
Describe and analyze the business model and core competencies of red bull company
•Describe the external environment of the company. •Describe the e-commerce presence of the company. You can use the red bull paper as reference to find some information. My part need include a swot analysis in comparative advantage and a digital iq test in e-commerce presence.
its should either support or refute the current marketing model or the Ries and Trout chapter
i want the writing looks like an international writing easy and simple . the first chapter is The Law of Leadership It's better to be first than it is to be better and the current marketing model. i have to support one of them or both i have attach the files for the expectation for the research
How the Tesla Model S is Made | Tesla Motors Part 1,2,3 (WIRED)
1- 2- Part 3 - Quality testing 3- follow the instructors Based on the 3 videos you have watched , discuss what you have learned about the production of TESLA cars that is revolutionary. Provide specific examples from the videos. Do you view the robots as a threat to US jobs? Defend your answer. If you were a top level manager in a manufacturing company, would you consider implementing..
Does Chandler’s model of integrated managerial enterprise explain the organization of large companies in major
Does Chandler’s model of integrated managerial enterprise explain the organization of large companies in major economies and the long-term competitiveness of nations? Attached is the question and guideline for the essay writing. This is an undergraduate essay. Language will be UK English. Harvard style.
The Purnell Model for Cultural Competence in Health Care
Require citations in each paragraph and references. References can be only taken from .org, .edu, Diversity has a significant influence on health care. Studying transcultural health care helps health professionals understand different cultures in order to provide holistic and individualized health care. Review the Purnell Model for Cultural Competence, including the theory, framework and 12 domains. Write 1,000 word paper exploring the Purnell Model for Cultural..
Analysis of Chronic Non Communicable Disease using the Chronic Disease Care Model
Assignment: Students are expected to conduct an indivudual family assessment with at least one member of the family being diagnosed with a chronic non-communicable disease (CNCD). They are to use the Chronic Disease Care Model in identifying the multifaceted challenges affecting the individual as well as the family. They are required to develop and implement a comprehensive plan of action thar addresses the needs/challenges of the individual as well as the family. Students..
The Effectiveness of the Kelley Model of Followership
The Effectiveness of the Kelley Model of Followership Research the Kelley model of followership. Write an essay describing how a leader might utilize the Kelley model of followership to assess follower effectiveness, and discuss how this leader might develop this individual into a more effective follower. Be sure to include the following in your paper: • Describe the importance of organizational climate and motivation. • Describe Kelley’s model of effective followership..
economic model that underlies time shares, Zipcar, and Cloud computing.
Please write at least one page single spaced in five paragraph format on the economic model that underlies time shares, Zipcar, and Cloud computing. Use at least three quotes to support your ideas. One quote should be included in each of your body paragraphs. Cite your sources. Include a meaningful title. The five paragraph model includes a thesis statement in the intro paragraph, topic sentences in each body paragraph, and a conclusion. You can refer to the OWL at Purdue University..
Australian banking regulators - "twin peaks" model
NEED THIS ASAP!!! ESSAY QUESTION: Explain how the key Australian banking regulators operate under the “twin peaks model”. Note: The key Australian banking regulators under Australian ‘twin peaks’ model are Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). WORD COUNT: Maximum 1200 words READ THIS: Include examples in your answer of how APRA, ASIC and RBA interact well or badly..
'Twin peaks' model in Australia - Australian banking regulators
NEED THIS ASAP!!! ESSAY QUESTION: Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the ‘twin peaks’ model in Australia from a banks point of view. Note: The key Australian banking regulators under Australian ‘twin peaks’ model are Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). WORD COUNT: Maximum 2000 words READ THIS: Please only provide advantages and disadvantages from the..
What is a model analysis for international relations and which is best: idealism or realism?
Follow the outlines as provided, it has the thesis, argument and conclusion of the works. I have included works cited and add more as needed for the paper. There's also term paper guidelines to be met and good sources to back the argument from. Using standard fonts, margins, and double spacing
Case 3:’s Business Model and Its Evolution
You will need to read the case study in the textbook. I will provide you the link to the pdf. I need 3 sources including the book. Case Questions Amazon’s internal capabilities could be examined and analyzed using five unique tools: resource and capability analysis, SWOT analysis, value chain analysis, benchmarking and competitive strength assessment. Identify the analytical tool that you believe would be most effective, and detail the rationale for your selection. Define..
Henry Ford Model T - History of the Assembly Line
Hello Everybody, Henry Ford Model T Documentary │ Full video │ 46 minutes. Find it in Youtube If the link does nor work, please copy and paste it in a new browser screen. Another alternative is to make a youtube search for Henry Ford Documentary Full video, a 46-minute video. You will find an economic history, with new technology, the assembly line concept, which made a revolution in the 1900s. We today use the assembly line in every..
Describe a model project to upgrade security at your facility
Each student is required to submit a research paper (minimum of 10 pages / maximum of 13 pages), not including title, reference, or other non-text pages, diagrams, etc.) using the following parameters: Describe a model project to upgrade security at your facility (or a fictional facility) using the process identified in the three part Security Architecture and Engineering series. In whatever order seems most logical to you, address total system design including barriers,..
Explore interaction between social model of disability & assistive technology focusing on screen readers
Need 3500 words excluding citations; use Social Construction of Technology [SCOT] model; Are there reasons to think these technologies have a deterministic impact on society that we might challenge through SCOT theory? Do these technologies reflect a wider system of industries surrounding their creation and distribution with certain effects on users and/or vice versa? Consider whether there is some technological closure or lock-in, as in the QWERTY case which allows..
Final Strategic Audit - Blue Ocean Strategy Future Business Model Considerations
This is an overall Blue Ocean strategic audit of the General Electric Company along with future business considerations. Please thoroughly look at the previous assignments to work off of to prepare the paper, as you will find everything you need to know in the file for the assignment. Use what had been mentioned in the previous papers to inform yourself and prepare your Blue Ocean strategy.
Analyzing an Organization’s Effectiveness Using the Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model
This is a team project paper and I need help with a section of identifying the outputs of Co. ADIDAS that are being achieved. The paper must describe whether or not the identified outputs are the desired outputs or not. ....the paper requires research about the company and sources of research must be referenced. Required length is 3 pages, APA writing conventions shall be followed.
Final Audit - Red Ocean Strategy Current Business Model Considerations
Final Audit - Red Ocean Strategy for General Electric Current Business Model Considerations Using the previous assignments to work off of, please create a Red Ocean strategy for General Electric Grading Criteria Pay attention to THIS... Audit Background Accurately, clearly, and completely identifies the variety of factors that create the unique organizational context Summarize the KEY background/historical elements that explain the organization's current situation..
LP7 Assignment A Four-Domain Model for Detecting Deception
For this assignment read Article 8.1 “A Four-Domain Model for Detecting Deception: An Alternative Paradigm for Interviewing” in your textbook. After you have read the article, write a brief synopsis of the article and answer the following questions: 1. Why is it important to understand “comfort” and “discomfort”? 2. How will understanding “comfort” and “discomfort” help you as a criminal justice professional? 3. Explain how information can be lost during an interview especially..
Development a Comprehensive Model of Entrepreneurship
Development a Comprehensive Model of Entrepreneurship. In this DB, you will be analyzing the differences between a traditional multinational firm and an internationalizing SME by applying it as if you were the founder of a new start-up company in an industry that’s familiar to you. You will be discussing the nature of the product or service you would have to develop to launch as a “born global” firm while giving examples. APA 12pts Times New Roman..
Drs. Craig Ellison and James Chin’s theory using the article Expanded Psycho-Spiritual Model
You will write a 5-page paper summarizing (2 pages) and critiquing (3 pages) Drs. Craig Ellison and James Chin’s theory using the article Expanded Psycho-Spiritual Model: Foundations and Implications, Edification: The Trans disciplinary Journal of Christian Psychology, 5:2, 125-136. (6 references excluding the Bible, and the citation above) I put the article in the file location
Kolb’s Learning Styles and Experiential Learning Model Project
For this assignment, assume that you have been asked by your supervisor at work to give a short presentation on Kolb's Experiential Learning to your Provide an overview of what it is along with some descriptions of each of the development stages. Show how Kolb's model could be integrated in a hospital and come up with one example of a learning process that might be done using the Kolb approach. Instructions: Write a 2 -3 page paper integrating the following three components: 1. Identify..
NEED IN 12 HRS Using Socio Economic Model on Childhood Obesity & interventions in a Public Health perspective
Use the population and health issue (Childhood Obesity in the United States) to complete the Socio-Ecological Model Table (Individual, Interpersonal, Organizational, Community / Environment and Society / Public Policy) by - Describing a social determinant of health that impacts the health issue you selected. - Propose an intervention based on one level of the SEM. Be specific and provide examples...
Through the case study and additional research of articles and public company documents, develop a paper about business level strategy. Following Porter’s Five Force Model, your paper must address the following questions: What is (are) the main industry (industries) in which the company competes? Using S.W.O.T., identify the assets of the firm, the capabilities of the firm, the core competencies of the firm and its competitive advantage(s). What business level strategy..
Research Gaps Business Model and Accounting Practices
Research Gaps Business Model and Practices). The Gap operates retail outlets, such as Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy that target different market segments. Each market segment addresses different customers so the managers in each of the Gap’s operating units need different management accounting information to evaluate their performance. Start by writing about the history of the Gap including any subsidiaries (Banana Republic, Old Navy, etc....). Then focus on any..
Background: In the SLP, you will analyze the same company that you did for Module 1’s SLP, but this time you will use the Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model for organizational change. This will allow you to build your skills at applying different models. Required Reading: SEE 4 ARTICLES ATTACHED Refer to the required and optional readings for this module, and any other readings which will help you in implementing organizational change. Assignment Write a 3- to 4-page paper in which..
Gibbs Reflection Model on Critical Thinking in Everyday Life
Need a paper on Critical Thinking in Everyday Life ( Between 2500 and 2750 words, with Abstract Description, Feelings, Evaluation, Analysis, Conclusion, and Action Plan. No more than 10 pages. IN APA STYLE!
Software Engineering - Architectural Model System Context
Based on the attached case study, the architectural model should include the following: System context The system context documents how the entire system interacts with external entities (systems and end users). It also defines the information and control flows between the system and the external entities.
NEED IN 12 HOURS Epidemiological Research Paper using the Socio-Ecological Model
Using the Socio-Ecological Model (SEM) which can be found at identify each level of the SEM, as described in the attached resource article, and provide a brief explanation of each level (1. Individual or intrapersonal factors 2. Interpersonal processes and relations with primary social groups 3. Institutional factors 4. Community factors 5. Public policy) Explain how the SEM helps address..
Health Belief Model and Cultural View of Illness Assignment
The Health Belief Model: “a conceptual framework that describes a person's health behavior as an expression of health beliefs. The model was designed to predict a person's health behavior, including the use of health services, and to justify intervention to alter maladaptive health behavior. Components of the model include the person's own perception of susceptibility to a disease or condition, the perceived likelihood of contracting that disease or condition, the perceived..
Read a case then submit a report and YAWL model addresing the following questions
Case: “Process Improvement in Stanford Hospital's Operating Room” by Stefanos Zenios et al. (in your Harvard Business School Press coursepack) Read the case. Submit a report and YAWL model file addressing the following questions: 1. Summarize the existing instrument provisioning process at Stanford Hospital. Identify its purpose and performance objectives and how it relates to organizational goals (in other words: “What is the process meant to achieve?”). Cite evidence..
Professor Packer’s idea of the Due Process Model and the Crime Control Model of the criminal justice process
A classic exposition of the order-liberty tension in the context of constitutional criminal procedure is Herbert Packer’s “two models of the criminal process”. Rather than using the terminology of political theory (“liberty” and “order”) packer examined the competing values that underlie our constitutional order through two models. Explain Professor Packer’s idea of the Due Process Model and the Crime Control Model of the criminal justice process. Give some examples..
Oral Case Presentation: Ethical Dilenma & Jonsen Model
See the attachment for detailed instructions with GRADING RUBRICS. However, the summary of assignment is as follows: Oral presentation (25 minutes) of case (patient scinerio) including focused details of history, exam, labs, differential diagnosis, management plan, referrals, follow-up. Include a community assessment specific to identified patient and his/her family and ethical issue and Jonsen’s model application...
Models of Organizational Change and Transformation: McKinsey 7S Model
Assignment Write a 3- to 4-page paper in which you analyze an organization of your choice using the McKinsey 7S Framework. Keys to the Assignment The key aspects of this assignment that should be covered in your paper include: •Analyze the subject company / organization using the McKinsey 7S model framework. •Thoroughly examine each of the seven key areas of the model. •Identify in which box each piece of data relates, and justify why. •How well does the model work in this situation?..
Professional Practice with Kolb's reflective model
Hello, This is Han suk, South Korean. I am currently taking a course on Leeds Beckett Univerisity in Singapore for the major of health, safety and environment management. I'm looking for who can complete my assignment and let me free from suffering in completing this assignment. Please refer to the attachments for your understanding. My assignment is to reflect my learning from weekly course with Kolb's reflective model. This module comprises 8 weeks schedule so you have to..
Nursing Conceptual Model Florence Nightingale's Legacy of caring.
1. Explanation of how the nursing conceptual model incorporates the four metaparadigm concepts. Include 2 main ideas with 6 points each and explain your points. Explanation on how this nursing conceptual model incorporates the four metaparadigm concepts is accurate, detailed, and supported by current reliable resources, while demonstrating insight through the offering of thoughtful reflection.
lessons learned from Marketing Communication Model
assignment about marketing lessons that you have learned from Marketing Research Process. I attach file from book Includes all the paragraphs that I want you to write about it with some information make sure you include it in different words and add other sources . make sure you use proper MLA referencing,.
Explain the Benefits & Drawbacks for using a Standard/Traditional Costing Model
In about 350 words/1 page... answer the following questions in detail: What benefits and drawbacks are there for a business that uses a Standard/Traditional Costing model? What benefits and drawback are there for a business that uses an Activity Based Costing (ABC) model? If you owned a small manufacturing business with relatively high volume and multiple product lines, would you implement an ABC model? Why? As you get ready to reflect on these questions, don't forget that..
Cloud Adoption Model for Governments and Large Enterprises and Small Enterprises
The purpose of this research is about the new innovation of cloud computing, and the value it adds to the business environment. I have presented research about this model technology, showing its architecture, pros, and cons, and the laws and regulations the technology has to follow. The research will also help understand and explain the importance of adopting this system in companies, and how it has improved data management and flow of information. In business, it is about competition,..
Drawing on the material in the required and background reading, prepare a 5-6 page paper (not including cover and reference pages) in which you: Analyze the Medicaid Case Study using the McKinsey 7S Model. 1. What limitations does the model have (if any), and how did they manifest in this particular situation? 2. What should be done to ensure that when using it they do not impact your analysis / change project? Keys to the Assignment The key aspects of this assignment that should..
APA essay based on Toulmin model argument About enviroment
1,200-word (4–5-page) APA essay Toulmin model argument in response to 1 of the following prompts: • What specific action(s) should Christians take regarding the environment and its preservation or restoration? Link to the article : • • Is WENDEL BERRY correct in his view that single-issue movements (such as soil conservation or clean water) inevitably fail (Muller and Wiener 331)? You will need to give some..
Traveling Through the Consumer Decision-making Model
As consumers, we all undergo a decision process when considering what products to purchase and use. Think about a complex purchasing decision you have been part of in your personal life or in your job. Describe, in detail, how you experienced each step in the consumer decision-making model in your textbook. For clarity, describe each step in a separate paragraph. Once complete, submit your assignment to your instructor. The content of your paper should determine the length...
How to design jobs to enhance satisfaction and motivation: Job Characteristics model
Read the following: Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory. Herzberg’s Theory suggests that pay and benefits are not motivators, because they do not satisfy the worker (who doesn’t want more pay or vacation time?).  However, they can cause dissatisfaction if not sufficient.  Critically compare and contrast his theory to the Job Characteristics Model.  For example:  What factors leading to satisfaction (motivators)..
KG1-1st grade mechanical engineering education through a lego education model.
To write a full research paper including: Chapter 1 is introduction to the project and should include aims and objectives and brief background on the importance of such project. Chapter 2 should be literature review .. ie what has been done elsewhere on this topic with majority of sources from peer reviewed journal (30%) and books (30%), rest can be spread from magazine, websites. Remember this project is educational and engineering so there should be references from both …...
system-wide training model would you use to transform an electronic health record
Which system-wide training model would you use to transform an electronic health record (EHR) delivery system into a quality tool that meets or exceeds regulatory and health reform policy. Include statistical protocols and advanced statistical methods for data analysis you plan to include in your Unit 7 Research Utilization Project Proposal Assignment.
Is there are model or type of (ir)responsible citizenship in American history
The teacher asked us to create ''sandwiches'' with the quotes from the book and analysis. We should incorporate them to support our essay idea. I will attach the file where I did that ''sandwiches''. The goal is to write a thoughtful argumentive essay in which we should incorporate these sandwiches in a way to defend and explain the response to the question: ''Is there are model or type of (ir)responsible citizenship in American history prior to the outbreak of Civil War in 1860.''..
Critically evaluate Schein’s Career Anchors as a model/theory (choose 1 model or theory)
1500-2000 words Literature review on Schein’s Career Anchors. APA format Include at least over 12 refeences from scholarly journals Include reference page (words are separate from overall word count)
Respond to 2 of my classmates BUS 650 Applying the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
This is due in 2 hours. This is no word limit. and this is 2 separate responds. Please don't bid if you have never responded in a discussion, remember this is for 2 separate people, you are talking to that person about their posting. All materials are included
Toulmin Model Rhetorical Research Essay Paper - Dead Line Dec 4
Topic: Toulmin Model Rhetorical Research Essay Paper (Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed). Dead Line Monday, Dec 4. I need 2,500-3,000 words long Research Essay on my Rhetorical Analysis on Senator Robert C. Byrd’s “The Arrogance of Power Speech” This paper is my final Grade. Detailed Instruction must be followed to complete this assignment. I will upload information to support the request.
The Evolution of CoolPeopleCare’s Business Model Case Study
1. Read the case “The Evolution of CoolPeopleCare’s Business Model” on PDF file. 2. Answer questions 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6. 3. For question 3 you do not have to explain each new product in great detail. Explain the product well enough that the reader can understand what you are talking about. 4. For question 6 you should have more than 1 recommendation—several. 5. The paper will be a minimum of 3 pages, double spaced with a 10-12 size font...
How Lufthansa Capitalized on Big Data for Business Model Renovation
Please write an article review for the article attached. PLEASE FOLLOW TEMPLATE & INSTRUCTIONS ! Please follow the instructions of what should go in each section. My professor is very strict about the content of what should go in each section and also she likes the sections sectioned off. I have attached templates to follow and the article.
DEAD LINE MONDAY NOV 3 2017 MIDNIGHT. Rhetorical Theory Pentad Model, 15 min Presentation.
DEAD LINE MONDAY NOV 3 2017 MIDNIGHT. Rhetorical Theory Pentad Model, 15 min Presentation. The Presentation has to be written according to the (Uploaded instruction) Rhetorical Scholarship PG 2. 1. Catchy Introduction - Less than 1 page. 2. Speech Background 3. Theory - Pentad Model, Methology how are people using the Theory Toulmin Model and what did (Student) researching the Pentad Model get from the Theory. 4 Analysis - The Speech President George W. Bush Address to the Nation..
Rhetorical Theory Toulmin Model, 12 min Presentation. DEAD LINE MONDAY OCT 30 2017 MIDNIGHT.
DEAD LINE MONDAY OCT 30 2017 MIDNIGHT. Rhetorical Theory Toulmin Model, 12 min Presentation. The Presentation has to be written according to the (Uploaded instruction) Rhetorical Scholarship PG 2. 1. Catchy Introduction - Less than 1 page. 2. Speech Background 3. Theory - Toulmin Model, Methology how are people using the Theory Toulmin Model and what did (Student) researching the Toulmin Model get from the Theory. 4 Analysis - The Speech Senator Robert C. Byrd. 5. Implications..
Discuss how Porter’s 5 Force model might contribute to a SWOT analysis.
The SWOT analysis features regularly in the literature of Strategic Management. It covers both the internal and external environments of the organisation. Discuss how Porter’s 5 Force model might contribute to a SWOT analysis. NB: It will NOT be sufficient to simply describe SWOT and the Porter model. Your assignment should include examples to illustrate/emphasise points you are making. A good answer will demonstrate a wide range of reading around the subject/topic (including..
Selling Points & Strategies Using the Business Model Canvas
Anyone can have a good idea - but it takes skill development and practice to turn that idea into a profitable venture. Discuss the individual elements of the Business Model Canvas and include the following in this final discussion: Discuss your thoughts and ideas on the key activities that will yield the best (highest) return on investment for the business owner. Identify which of the nine blocks of the BMC are most important to the business you selected for your final project,..
Analyzing a problem using a theoretical economic model
Find a current economics in action news story that was published in either one of the following sources: The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times or The Guardian between January 2017 and September 2017 that addresses an economic phenomenon and applies any one of the economic models discussed in Textbook Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. Examples that you can analyze but are not limited to are: unequal income distribution, poverty, homelessness, unemployment, global warming, inflation,..
Is there an "Asian model of economic development"?
topic: Write on the pattern of economic development, focus on the question of whether there is an "Asian model of development", and, if so, what it consists of. Compare countries from East Asia(Japan, Korea, and Taiwan) and countries from Southeast Asia(Singapore, Malaysia). If you agree that there is something that can be regarded as a "model" of Asian Development, then explain how you see the diversity of these nations as fitting into one pattern. If you argue that the diversity..
A Design-Build Model for Small Buildings Construction Project ($500K to $2M) in Libya
Please Provide: Step 1: Proposal Form (See attached) (due 8/9/2017) Step 2: 1500 Words Final Proposal (see attached for details) (due 8/17/2017) Step 3: This step to be completed later after confirming step 2. Total 12,000-13,000 words Dissertation (see attached for details) (late September, flexible) Word count shall not include references. References to be in Harvard style.
Reasoned Action Theory & Elaboration Likelihood Model
For the persuasion model comparison paper , you will be asked to apply two of the persuasive theories stated in title. Connect to a real-world communication act or artifact (e.g., any campaign is a great place to start, however we can work on ideas.) 3-4 PGS DOUBLE SPACED APA FORMAT The paper should: a) effectively describe 2 theories of persuasion; b) describe a communication act; c) apply the persuasive theories specified; d) identify which theory is better used for this communication..
Mental Health Awareness - Deconstructing the medical model of mental disability
You will focus on how, within your discipline, disability is defined as a problem, and what ‘solutions’ are offered to this problem. For example, students in nutrition may look at the issue of ‘obesity’. ECE students may want to explore how children with behavioral issues are presented in their courses and classroom experience. In an entirely different vein, business or technology students might wish to think about how disability is conceptualized when looking at disabled..
Psycholinguistic models of speech production: Levelt's modular model of speech production
Hi, I need a paper of max. 8 pages about Levelt's modular model of speech production 1st: In the introduction: write sth general about speech production 2nd: about the Model: general description about the model and its levels; mention that it's a serial modal and its meaning (such as there's activation flowing one way from the level of lemma to phonological forms, so only top down processes) then focus on description of the level of the formulator (as it is important for psycholinguistics),..
Business Strategy and the Five Forces Model: The Challenges Facing eBay
1. First, research, and create, a Porter’s Five Forces Model of eBay in either Visio, Excel, of PowerPoint format. Use external sources to assist in populating your model. Next, report and analyze your findings, touching on the following questions; 1. What does your five forces analysis reveal about the nature and strength of the various competitive pressures eBay faces? Are the competitive pressures facing eBay and other online auction company’s conducive to earning good..
locate a model of practice and explan how you will use it in your advanced practice role
Chose the Model from: Florence Nightingale's environmental model of nursing Virginia Henderson's 14 components of basic nursing care Dorothy Johnson's behavioral system model Nola J Pender's health promotion model
identify an organization mission statement the logic model is the program of that organization.
Identify the New york city fire department (FDNY) mission statement. Create a logic model for a program that they have ill give detail on the drop files so you can upload it and see. 1) Introduction in the first paragraph page define what is performance measurement are and logic model explain why with references. 2) next introduce the organization the New York City Fire Department and its program mission. 3) Next is the logic model for the program identify the program underneath..
case study reflective using gibbs model on an item used in operating theatre using evidence based practice
I want to write about the use of pneumatic tourniquets in orthopedics surgery Consists of 1,000 words and makes up 40% of the marks for this module – Reflect upon the impact of an item of evidenced based care that you have been involved in delivering. Use the ‘Gibbs’ model of reflection to help you write this patch using the six parts of this model to identify future professional development needs. Stage1 Describe what you observed Set the context What were the interactions (interpersonal..
Unit 2: The Logical Database Model and Database Normalization
Follow the included instructions and rubric. Use the attached drawing and base the paper on it. Read over the example for assistance with the paper. This paper is a continuation from last week as we are still using the same movie dataset.
The Security Life Cycle Model is a process that helps in maintaining an acceptable
First Question: The Security Life Cycle Model is a process that helps in maintaining an acceptable level of security in industrial controls systems and networks. The model begins with deterrence and ends with correction. In your own words, describe this process while incorporating an example (e.g., of how to deter XX and how to prevent XX and so on through the cycle). Your reply should be a minimum 1-2 paragraphs. Can be more also. A paragraph is 3 sentences minimum and 5 sentences..
Sraffa’s Model (from the Production of Commodities by Means of Commodities).
essay question ;- Be able to explain and illustrate Sraffa’s Model (from the Production of Commodities by Means of Commodities). Why does he attempt such an explanation? Water verses Diamonds analogy. lecture slides attached.
The Role of Human Capital Investments in the Supply-Side Economic Model
Use onlyPrimary Business Sources included in the Business Periodicals Index. .Three(3) to five (5) pages in length with 1 inch margins left, right, top, and bottom.Font style: Arial; Font size: 12. .Minimum of five (5) PrimaryBusiness Sources from the Business Periodicals Index MUST be included in the bibliography. 5 .Foot notes must be included 6.APA or MLA formats are acceptable. 7.A bibliographyMUST be included. 8.Optional: You may submit a rough draft or an outline..
Using the concensus model,review the regulations imposed by the Malyland states board of nursing
Review the New Proposed regulatory model for APRN's in the internet and Hamric Textboos. 1} using the Consensus Model,Review regulations Imposed by the Maryland State board of Nursing. 2] How will the new Model Improve Practice parameters and patient safety in State of Maryland? APA formatting Due 4/20/17
Using the concensus model,review the regulations imposed by the Malyland states board of nursing
Review the new New Proposed regulatory Model for APRN's in the internet and in Hamric Textbood 1] Using the Consensus Model, Review regulations imposed by the Maryland State board of Nursing 2] How will the New Model improve Practice Parameters and Patient safety in State of Maryland? APA formatting Due 4/20/17
Hofstede model differences between US and Canada (only long term orientation and individualism)
I only have the article, and my professor required me to find peer review 1. it cannot be an article, only peer review journal are acceptable 2. APA references (must be APA format) 3. Prefer academic database sources 4. no direct quote please 5. I already highlight the wrong reference, please correct them.
Six Box Model Organizational Diagnosis paper
Organizational Diagnosis Paper Students will submit a 2-page Organizational Diagnosis paper using the Marvin Weisbord “Six Box Model” method. Students will explore a group or organization they have been a part of, and by using the “Six Box Model” will analyze what is working in each “box,” what needs to be changed to make things better, and how to do those changes. • 2- pages of full text and discussion complete with proper citations, as needed • Your analysis needs to have the opening..
Neuman's System Model
Write in APA format. No plagiarism. Write about Neuman's Systems Model. Add references.
Behavior Management Model
Complete Behavior Management Table and write 250-500 word statement
'How can an understanding of the social model of disability and the availability of assistive technology help
Case Study_Revising a Current Student Affairs Model
please see attachments
Business Model Comparison
*NEED THIS ASAP* *WITHIN THE NEXT HOUR OR TWO* *ONLY NEED THE INTODUCTION PARAGRAPH* Businesses: SKANSKA USA Joel & Co. Construction Identify the business model and forms of ownership for each business, then complete the Comparison of Businesses Matrix. Write a 525- to 700-word paper in which the team evaluates and compares different components of each business's model after completing each matrix. Describe benefits associated with each business by evaluating how they..
Linear Programming Model
Management Science Describe a situation that could be modeled using a Linear Programming Model. What are the advantages of analyzing and experimenting with a model as opposed to a real object or situation?
ABC Model Crisis Intervention Case Study
Assignment Unit 9 Assignment Throughout this course, you have explored the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention. Each aspect of the model has been discussed in length so that you have a good understanding of how to use this model. You have learned to ask appropriate questions, create rapport, convey empathy, consider ethical concerns, identify and break down all aspects of the problem, and problem-solve with a client to develop effective new coping strategies. For this Assignment,..
Advance Health Assessment Eyes and Ears - FNP model 2/2
Similarly, we will also begin to assess structures of the face, this time focusing on the eyes and ears. Assessment of the eyes and ears include asking our clients for changes in vision and hearing, as well as related complaints. Assessment of the eyes and ears involve a neurological component as well. We continue to hone our physical assessment skills and improve our documentation skills. bjectives By the end of this unit, students will be able to: 1. Identify common client complaints..
California's Logic Model and Healthy People 2020
Review a logic model in CDC Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention: State Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Programs. A PDF of the document is available online at Then, write a minimum five-page paper, using the logic model to illustrate how your state’s health department addresses one specific focus area of the Healthy People 2020. For this assignment: -Include a rationale for..
Advance Health Assessment - FNP model 2/1
Utilizing the head-to-toe approach, we begin with an assessment of the head and neck. An accurate health history of the head and neck is essential to identifying risks and/or problems that the client may or may not be aware of. We will review the physical examination techniques to evaluate the head and neck and document the results of our physical examination. Using the Hainer and Haynes articles, Describe how you would approach a client presenting with headache. Discuss the..
ABC Model Crisis Intervention
In a three-page essay, you will apply the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention using critical thinking and Kubler-Ross’ five stages of death and dying to a case study. Remember to use intervention strategies in your essay. You should also address the following in your written Assignment: • Identify how the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention works in this case, explaining and applying each stage of the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention to the case study. • Identify how Kubler-Ross’ five..
Model 1 Discussion A
Module 1 Discussion A No unread replies. No replies. Homo economicus (Required) Discuss the view of Homo economicus, indicating ways in which it contrasts with Adam Smith’s views Your initial post must be 200-300 words in MLA format. The Reply to your classmate should be 50 words or more. See the detailed specifications in the attachment. Discussion board specifications.docx Module 1 Overview & Learning Outcomes Topic(s): Introduction to business ethics Consequentialism..
Is early academic training superior to the more traditional, hands-on model of early education?
I need to do "for". Have to say yes.
Word based learning report using Gibbs reflective model
Assignment: work based learning report 1. A 2'500 words essay which focuses on applying and evaluating the usefulness of one of the theoretical tools introduced. 2. Applying a specific tool to a situation or experience, in order to generate new insight or perspective 3. It should include reflective practices. Focus: 1. A workplace experience or a situation specific to your role, responsibilities or tasks. 2. A workplace experience or a situation specific to your group's interaction..
Methodology / Deep learning and multiple classifier system for adversarial spam filtering comparison model
Research Question: • Can existing adversarial spam filtering be more efficient to utilize against false positives than deep learning spam filtering algorithms? 1) Prove to your audience that your problem statement and research question are achievable using a well-supported and accepted research methodology from scholarly literature. The research method should detail how you will answer your research question and the formal process you will use to design your prototype...
Business model
You will complete the pre-assignment by analyzing the business model of an interesting and important media product, service or company. Basically, a business model documents and describes the revenues and costs of a company. In other words, every company has a business model (also e.g. public service media). You may present anything from books to digital platforms, and everything in between. You may choose to build your presentation on the following questions: 1) What is..
Case Study -'s Business Model & Its Evolution
What are the two biggest strategic issues facing Amazon in its streaming media business and how should it respond? The paper will be graded using the posted rubric. The paper should: Be APA formatted (double-spaced, Times New Roman 12pt font, 1” margins) Include a title page (but no abstract) Meet all requirements listed on the rubric.
Evidence-Based Practice Proposal - Section D: Change Model
Roger's diffusion of innovation theory is a particularly good theoretical framework to apply to an EBP project. However, students may also choose to use change models, such as Duck's change curve model or the transtheoretical model of behavioral change. Other conceptual models, such as a utilization model (Stetler's model) and EBP models (the Iowa model and ARCC model) can also be used as a framework for applying your evidence-based proposal in clinical practice. Apply one..
EBP part D. change model
Roger's diffusion of innovation theory is a particularly good theoretical framework to apply to an EBP project. However, students may also choose to use change models, such as Duck's change curve model or the transtheoretical model of behavioral change. Other conceptual models, such as a utilization model (Stetler's model) and EBP models (the Iowa model and ARCC model) can also be used as a framework for applying your evidence-based proposal in clinical practice. Apply one..
Diagnostic Model in Action
Option #2: Diagnostic Model in Action Leaders and managers use diagnostic models to understand the magnitude of change and the processes and systems that may be impacted. After a diagnostic model is used to assess the magnitude of change and how the organization will be impacted, change strategies can then be determined. An analogy can be made to the diagnosis of an illness. Think about the patient who comes to the doctor with a sore throat. The doctor runs a battery of tests indicating..
The Generalist Model
Construct an essay on the generalist model of 750-1,000 words and include the following: Explain the generalist model. Discuss why the generalist model became the operational model in social work. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages to the social worker in using the generalist model. Be sure to cite at least three relevant scholarly sources in support of your content. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide...
Instructions For this assignment, present the information that you have learned about student rights; specifically, focus on the challenges with affirmative action. You will adopt the role of a university leader preparing the team for ethical practices in the admissions process. Then, prepare a presentation (video/audio recording or a PowerPoint) on equity in the admission process as laid out in Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and affirmative action programs. The..
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