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Middle-Class Women Essays

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Essay about The Middle Class Females Of America
During the 1960's the middle-class women of America had been experiencing displeasure and unfulfillment in their lives partially as a result of constrictions of tradition patriarchal marriage and this 1960's happening began to be known as ‘the problem without a name'. Betty Friedan in The Feminist Mystique referred to the problem because "[The problem] lay hidden, unspoken for several years in the mind of the American women. It had been a strange mixing,..
Working-Class Women
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Women's Work in The united kingdom Before the Battle
Women's Job in The uk Before the ConflictThe number of job opportunities for women was low because that they weren'texpected to work and there were just a few jobs thought suitable for awoman to accomplish. A woman functioning was generally seen as thieving the job andwages from a man who also might have a family group to support.Working-class women can take menial jobs such as maids and cooksin middle-class family homes or in hotels food preparation and washing...
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