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Bullying victimization
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Authoritarian parents
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Cognitive Empathy With Guy Participants Documents
through cognitive empathy with male individuals. According to You et approach. (2015), the results indicated that men exhibited the ability to trust and communicate with mother and peers and encouraged empathy and this a reduction of bullying happened due to students' being able to accord with others.The study conducted by You et al. (2015) support prove that variations in attachment to get males and females correspond with bullying which each gender responds differently..
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Children academic performance
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Authoritarian Parental Style in Hong Kong Dissertation examples
Child-rearing style is one of the most important factors influencing children's academicperformance, since parents are the ‘first teachers'. In Hong Kong, A lot of parents takeauthoritarian parental methods, which usually emphasizes kids being absolutely obedient with their rules. In Hong Kong, father and mother generally assumed that severe parenting is the best way to enhance children academic performance with a ‘good starting point'. Therefore..
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