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Pakistan afghanistan
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The Institute For Pak Afghan Relationships Politics Essay
Pakistan's discussion with Afghanistan has been influenced and fashioned by the historical legacy of pre-1947 Afghan-British Indian relations. This legacy laid the basis for the introduction of an acrimonious bilateral romantic relationship between the two areas after 1947, that was complicated by the Freezing War electricity politics. The nineteenth century geo-strategic rivalry between the Great Britain and Tsarist Russia (the so-called Great Game) on the Afghan..
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The Present Security Situation In Afghanistan Politics Essay
44. The Taliban have made significant inroads in the recent months, consolidating their hold in the South and East, obtaining their safe havens inside Pakistan and opening new fronts in the North. Taliban market leaders are now convinced that the US and its allies will soon be compelled to accept the facts on the floor and abandon Afghanistan in a few years. Although the American led WOT experienced broken the trunk of the Taliban routine and the Al Qaeda network in Afghanistan,..
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