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Violence Against Muslim Women by Taliban Article
Ever since the Taliban overtook, Afghan women have been up against extreme physical violence. The Taliban is a Sunni Muslim extremist group that has a literal and very radical interpretation of Islam than the majority of Muslims. The ladies in Afghanistan will continue to be oppressed because of the assault in their country that the Taliban initiated as well as the strict laws and regulations that limit their simple human privileges, education, and medical care.The Taliban..
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The Protection under the law Of LADIES IN Afghanistan Sociology Essay
Majority of Afghanistan's nationalities profess Islam as their religious beliefs. Originally Islam religious beliefs respect men more superior than ladies in every part of life. Due to civilization around the world, Islam reformed and some of its doctrines were changes and only women. Equality among human beings was contained in Islam, regarding men and women equal in a variety of ways. Since then Islam women attained different privileges that allow them to choose matrimony..
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