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Essay on Volunteering and Adult Learning
Helping out and Adult Learning"The history of mature education is a history of voluntary activity and voluntary association" (Ilsley 1989, p. 100).Today, volunteerism, and the developing field of volunteer supervision, continue to reveal close associations with mature education. Research and practice in adult education can easily inform the introduction of learning opportunities for volunteers. With this in mind, this Digest describes some of the similarities..
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Discussing and checking the Tyler model
In this essay I am discussing and looking at the Tyler model and Knowles model for Adult Learners. This can be seen in section one where the comparison and contrasting of the two models will be set up to be able to get a better understanding. In section two I am going to choose one of the two models that are most appropriate for a learning context. The conclusion will consist of a summary of the key tips set up throughout this paper. Section One Tyler was very much linked with curriculum..
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