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20th century Essays

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Life expectancy
Average life
Blood pressure
Cardiovascular disease
Developed countries
Self improvement
Arts entertainment
Health and Social Care Level Essay
3. 1 Evaluate why life expectancy has enhance over the last hundred years. Life expectancy inside the human race offers risen drastically in the past century reaching the highest level for the two male and feminine on record. Between 81 and 2002 life expectancy at age 50 improves by four and a half years for men and three years for ladies and 2 yrs respectively.By 2002 ladies who were age of 65 could expect to live to the age of 84 although men could expect to live to the associated with..
Role women
Women china
Change beneficial
Mao Zedong And Its Influence on Women Essay
The woman's role in China offers drastically altered from the end of the Qing dynasty in 1911, for the founding of the People's Republic of Cina in 49, through to modern-day society. The newest People's Republic leader Mao Zedong, gradually developed his theory of continuing revolution under the dictatorship with the proletariat, and this influenced his view of ladies and therefore the Chinese language Communist Party's policy with regards to women...
Kind view
Views women
Self improvement
Comparing Canterbury Tales, Burgermeister's Daughter as well as the Writings of Thomas Aquinas
Image of Women in Canterbury Reports, Burgermeister's Child and the Articles of Jones AquinasWhat was the main image of ladies and women's put in place medieval society? A rather sexist or misogynistic view-by 20th century criteria of course-was prevalent among learned clerics. The articles of the theologian Thomas Aquinas typify this kind of view. But although the spiritual of Europe's abbeys and universities control the written record in the period,..
Residential segregation
Casing programs
Federal casing
Home family
Arts entertainment
Self improvement
Ethnic Segregation: Household Segregation Is The Separation Of various Groups Of Persons Into Unique Neighborhoods
In Section 10 we learned about the inequality blacks faced in housing and wealth, which usually began throughout the late nineteenth century and early 20th century. During this time period residential segregation was a genuine crucial topic that tremendously affected people of color in the long run. What exactly is household segregation? Household segregation is the separation of numerous groups of people into unique neighborhoods. In the text book Golash-Boza claims..
Beginning 20th
Beginning 20th century
Infectious disease
Home family
Arts entertainment
Self improvement
The Effects Of Public Health On The Mortality Rate And Increased Living Expectancy
Public health has turned substantial positive aspects that have decreased the mortality rate and increased lifespan expectancy. At the outset of the twentieth century, the 5 leading causes of loss of life were. Discuss how shitty public health was prior to these types of changesIn the event that you where born at the beginning of the 20th century, you were fucked. Life expectancy just visited 45 years of age. If you were unwell with an infectious disease, you could hug your butt..
Music artists
Last decade
Arts entertainment
Composition about The Hip Hop And Rap
Even those who are not familiar with the hip-hop genre recognize it when they hear it. A pre-2005 hip-hop music hit could be easily recognized if it were released within the last decade, and artists who may have gotten in to the music industry within the last a decade have very little understanding of, or connection to, what was ordinary pertaining to hip-hop music artists in the 20th century. The hip-hop and rap companies have improved immensely from the 20th hundred years to the..
Photography enthusiasts
Richard nickel
Berenice abbott
Institute chicago
Arts entertainment
Home family
20th Century Pictures: Documentary Fine art Essay
Together with the advancement of photography over the early 19th century, opportunities arose more often for photography enthusiasts; both newbie and specialist, to blast what they noticed fit. Constantly, humans were the subjects of early daguerreotypes, and later dry-plates, for a number of distinct reasons. A daguerreotype organised a special belief with people who have viewed all of them, and it absolutely was a commonly held opinion that photos literally held onto..
Disney shown
Walt disney
Disney company
Elias disney
Mickey mouse
Arts entertainment
Self improvement
Essay upon Walt Disney: A Man Of countless Facets Through the 20th 100 years
Since Walt Disney once explained, "If you are able to dream that, you can do it". Walter Elias Disney is an innovator, entrepreneur, futurist, and non-e other than today's cultural icon. Disney was a man of many facets in the 20th century leading after his loss of life. Today his efforts in media inspired more aspects than anybody today. Disney has shown his magic because the very beginning when he started the Disney Company known as the Disney Brothers Facility...
Early 20th
Early 20th century
Great britain
Arts entertainment
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Labour Party as well as the New Liberalist Ideas Dissertation
Social Democracy is a political ideology discussing multiple areas in The european countries during the early 20th century. Democracy is known as a term founded in Portugal. A democracy is rule by the persons, for those. A cultural democracy was created in the 1870s up until enough time of Globe War I actually, the ultimate target of a sociable democracy in Europe in the period between the end of Universe War My spouse and i and the starting of World War II was to create equality through..
Arts entertainment
Self improvement
Masculinity And Beauty By David Joyce Article
Masculinity and beauty are important issues of today; yet , they were also important topics in the 20th century as well. Authors such as James Joyce whom wrote The Dead had been battling this forefront matter in 1914. Masculinity is definitely the characterization of male qualities that are connected with men, including aggressiveness and emotion-less characteristics (Farlex). Beauty is described as the characterization of girl qualities linked to females, it can be essentially..
Blood water
Large number
Home family
Arts entertainment
Sports and fitness
Essay for the Motifs of Blood and Water in in Shakespeare's Macbeth
The Explications of Blood and Normal water in MacbethIn his work of art Macbeth, William Shakespeare employs a large number of motifs, yet non-e more often than bloodstream and normal water. The play includes a large number of images of blood and water to show the characters' attitudes toward their own development of guilt. The two motifs older and change inside their meaning combined with the setting and mood with the play. "Without an understanding with the blood..
Carl friedman
2014 holocaust
Home family
Arts entertainment
Essay on Nightfather by Carl Friedman
Working and screaming. Burning and freezing. The survivors in the Holocaust have been through all this. Their testimonies describe every detail of the horrendous occasions they skilled. Although the publication Nightfather is definitely fiction, the stories described depict using the Holocaust accurately. By dissecting the time period of Carl Friedman's Nightfather, a reader may understand the portions of fiction and realize the effect of history upon fictional..
Students teachers
This kind
Arts entertainment
Self improvement
Tradition Of Education And Education Essay
Traditions of EducationOver the past forty five or 59 years the institution of education and the roles of students and the teachers include evolved. The turn of the century has taken on new and ground breaking ways to study at warp speed, including the forefront of this educational enterprise is technology. Technology in the last twenty years has shaped how we start to see the world and education. While many educators aren't so sure the consequences with this new age are beneficial,..
Carbon dioxide
Green house
Global warming
Human activities
Home family
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Global warming: Natural or human- induced Essay
Experts and environmentalists have defined the term around the world in different ways Global warming refers to the heat of the surface, which leads to climate modify and growing sea levels; this is largely due to emission of smells (www. planningportal. gov. uk/). Others feature global warming for the consequences from the green house results. It is also thought that around the world occurs the moment temperatures from the earth area increase due to rise of carbon dioxide causing..
Early 20th
Early 20th century
Every single
Technological advances
Arts entertainment
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Sports and fitness
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tragoed The Changing Disaster of Oedipus Rex, Hamlet, and Desire under the Elms
The Changing Tragedy of Oedipus Rex, Hamlet, and Desire within the ElmsTragedy can easily be considered the finest of all styles due to the fact that it has withstood the test of time. Formally, disaster employs a thing more complex than other genres. It is far from part of a life full of happy endings. It is component to a bigger approach to things. It is part of who we are. Maybe tragedy is actually the art that truly imitates existence. > In the past speaking, the fantastic rises..
Sociable unrest
Social unrest
Quality lifestyle
Boston york
Boston york houghton
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Quality of life Increases in Correlation to Social Unrest in nineteenth Century Europe
In the late nineteenth to early 20th century intellectual developments of the uppr end of society differed vastly from your mindset with the general human population, with the attitude of social unrest typically trending on the intellectuals of society. As a result of social wellbeing movements which were nascent in the late 19th century the standard of living intended for the mass populace in Europe performed improve, which essentially designed said populace did not take..
London macmillan
London macmillan 1992
Macmillan 1992
Stanley sadie
Arts entertainment
Operatic Modernism Article
Operatic ModernismThe profound modernist ruptures of the 20th 100 years questioned, out of place, and reconfigured the way humanity regards itself. Within the good arts, literary works, architecture, and music, creative revolutions happened at an unparalleled rate and, within the rubric of modernism, deliberately broke with the bases of European art, lifestyle and contemporary society. While operating within the operatic institution, Strauss' Salome, Weill's..
African american
Sonny blues
20th century harlem
Baldwin essay
Century harlem
Arts entertainment
Home family
Interacting Through Music in Sonny's Blues simply by James Baldwin Essay
In the past, strong family relationships have been completely emphasized by simply American society. Strong friends and family ties have been significant to maintaining healthful lifestyles and relationships across many nationalities, including African American culture. Sonny, the younger brother in James Baldwin's "Sonny's Blues", has suffered from a heroin dependency which brought on him to split up from equally his parents and his big brother...
Assets happen
Assets happen improvements
Best parts
Best parts digital
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Digital Interaction Is The Digital Exchange Details Through Several Media
Digital connection is the electric exchange info through several media. I am developing up in a quickly improving digital community where technology has had significant effects about society. Individuals who have grown up nowadays has constantly had technology in their life if through cellular phones, television, computers or game systems. The utilization of social media retailers to communicate with others has been a highlight among the list of 21st generation and is..
Pablo picasso
Hundred years
2013 pablo
2013 pablo picasso
Pablo picasso biography
Arts entertainment
Self improvement
How Does Pablo Picasso Fine art Represent A history And World? Essay
IntroThrough the years fine art has been viewed as a form of interaction, emotion, a sense or expression of suggestions, by which we all mean a person or perhaps convey something. This idea can be captured in a painting, sculpture or perhaps through writing, which through their movement disclose the most characteristic type of a traditions. By hundred years to hundred years there has been various creative people like writer, artist, fonder who written for development inside..
Evelyn waugh
Detroit gale
1998 print
20th century materials
Century materials
Arts entertainment
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Crucial Analysis of Evelyn Waugh's novel: A small number of Dust Essay
The 20th hundred years consisted of huge changes in themes and values compared to past decades of writing. This change is because of the world changement and modernization affecting the overall perspective about life and humanity. A single writer's book that illustrates progression and changes in the twentieth century is Evelyn Waugh's A Handful of Particles. He is when compared with other twentieth century writers, as well as prior novels in the collection, because..
Zora Neale Hurston
20Th Century
20Th Century Delia
Century Delia
Early 20Th
Early 20Th Century
Arts Entertainment
Home Family
Self Improvement
Sweating by Zora Neale Hurston Essay
Sweat simply by Zora Neale Hurston At the time when Photography equipment Americans freelance writers were struggling, Zora Neale Hurston was realized simply by her new and absolutely distinctive terminology of textual content. Her design was not a whole lot invented, but it really is cleverly brewed with the poetry of black people speech. "Sweat", one of the most long-lasting of Hurston's work, explored many degrees of martial issues and female fermage...
Japanese Americans
People America
Pearl Harbor
20Th Century
Ancestral Roots
Arts Entertainment
Home Family
World War II Essay
II (WWII), 120, 000 Japan Americans, Us residents or certainly not, were pressured out of the western world coast following the attack of Pearl Harbor. Leader Franklin M. Roosevelt given Executive Purchase 9066 which allowed local military commanders to establish exemption zones from which any or all folks may be omitted. Americans of Japanese descent were intentionally interned in several camps in the usa.The armed forces felt that this was a required action to avoid any..
Dorian Greyish
Oscar Wilde
Picture Dorian
20Th Century
Century Critique
Century Critique Volume
Arts Entertainment
Self Improvement
Manipulation in Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray Essay
Manipulation in Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Greyish"I will not think that a single person influences one other, nor will i think there exists any awful influence in the world, " Oscar Wilde enunciated when below trial (Hyde 353). Although this assertion may be true, one of Wilde's most famous works shows significant amounts of the effects of persons shaping one another, causing one to wonder about Wilde's sincerity in that statement. The..
United States
Medical Marijuana
Inciardi 1990
Federal Government
20Th Century
Arts Entertainment
Home Family
Legalized Marijuana and Law Enforcement Essay
Marijuana is the most common illicit drug all over the world including the United States. It really is derived from the leaves, blossoms, seeds and stem of cannabis sativa. THC, tetrahyrocannabinol is the main lively component of pot.The medication can either be smoked or perhaps mixed with food and drinks. In the roads, marijuana is often known as the natural herb, pot, ganja among additional names. There are numerous side effects, equally short term and long term effects associated..
September 2014
Years September
Years September 2014
20Th Century
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The Rise And Fall season Of The german language Imperialism Article
AdvantagesThroughout Euro history, countries and autorite have gone up and decreased. Much of the modern political globe is the post occurences of the Euro colonial forces collapsing and their colonies filing their independence. That being said, the Europeans experienced very different replies to wars of violence waged on non-European, "uncivilized" nation-states when compared to continental battles of hostility fought among two Western powers. The 20th..
Federal government
Documentary films
Armed forces
Mass communication
Public relations
Documentary Movies As AN INSTRUMENT Of Governmental Propaganda Multimedia Essay
Over the decades, propaganda is a strategic tool employed by governments and military organizations and alliances in influencing peoples thinking. Several researches reveal that propaganda is definitely an essential component of military recruitment exercises. Documentary films have been critical for any government actively seeking to mobilize or influence its citizens. Documentary films as a means of propagating the pass on of conflict propaganda tend to vilify..
Paul Hindemith Sonata For Flute And Piano Film Studies Essay
J. S. Bach: Sonata in G minor, for flute and obbligato harpsichord. Inside a famous remark about J. S. Bach, Beethoven said 'he should be named Sea instead of Bach, because of his infinite, inexhaustible wealth in shade combinations and harmonies'. These virtues are also deployed in his flute sonatas, each with a unique melodic contour and figure. Bach was often criticized for being abstruse and redundantly complex, but he was able to show through his work that he was, and would..
South africa
African culture
The Aftermath ON THE Scramble For Africa History Essay
'Scramble for Africa', a manifestation used to describe the frantic demanding of African region by six Europe that took place in most of Africa becoming part of Europe's colonial kingdoms. Africa, in the symbolic allegory of royal chauvinism, was a ripe melon awaiting carving in the later nineteenth century. Those that scrambled quick achieved the biggest helpings and the legal methods to devour at their leisure time the special, juicy flesh. Stragglers grasped only small..
Their home
Howards End, E.M. Forster | Analysis
In 20th century London, knowing a persons sociable and financial school could be as easy as simply looking at their household. A residence during early 20th century London can impact a person's role in culture of how they view themselves and what they are like set alongside the other people around them. Essentially, through their home they set up their own id. In E. M. Forester's "Howards End, " the home Howards End is vital to the role of every character in a way that each one has their..
Robert owen
Jean piaget
Early years
Theorists And The Effects On Early Years Provision Education Essay
Throughout this subject I have learnt many things about pioneers, theorists and current thinkers who've had a big influence on the way to treat children in a setting up just like a nursery or institution. These people experienced thoughts that stretch from, corporal abuse to healthy options, participating in areas and timings. In my presentation I select two theorists, two pioneers and one current thinker, and the folks I decided were; Robert Owen, The McMillan Sisters (Rachel..
Blood vessels
Peking opera
Each other
Chinese people
Analysis Of Farewell My Concubine English Literature Essay
The film farewell my concubine is a Chinese film which has received much attention from the planet. It explores the impact of the Chinese politics turmoil on its citizens during the middle 20th century. The movie illustrates this by using two stars in a kind of traditional Chinese theatre maybe with some music playing along, and in this movie there's a girl who comes between your two actors. This movie uses two personalities in a Peking opera troupe and a female as an thing to illustrate..
Their hair
Hair color
21st century
Assessing THE ANNALS Of Cosmetology Cultural Studies Essay
Cosmetology 's been around for a long period. There are many different things which have been used to make hair color and make-up over time. One of these would be henna, a stain that may be made into numerous colors that people would placed on their hair and nails. Over-all cosmetology, or the art and science of physical beauty, has changed rapidly over time, from the ancient uses of cosmetic to the hair coloring and styles of modern 21st century women. It still to provide day serves..
City life
Paralysis IN THE Dubliners English Books Essay
ããDuring the 19th century, many literary text messages were greatly inspired by the climb of modernism. James Joyce was one of the modernist freelance writers who had engaged in a revolution against 19th-century writing style and subject things in fiction. His wording, Dubliners is stories with realistic narratives about every day failures and frustrations. And it deals with universal human character and transcends the particular life in Dublin in the 20th..
Beauty fashion
Vogue magazine
Fashion beauty
Magazine Research Of Vogue Mass media Essay
Vogue is the most well-known and popular fashion magazine for girls, that was firstly shared in 1892 by the Condé Nast Publications publishing house. Nowadays Vogue journal is popular worldwide and is printed in 18 countries: UK, U. S. , Australia, Brazil, Portugal, Russia, China, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, and is called one of the greatest magazines in the world's market. The first problem of the..
Mass production
Auto industry
Many different
Took place
Mass market
Henry ford
21st century
Henry Ford And Fordism Affects Cultural Studies Essay
Management techniques have been through many different levels and continue to evolve even today. In the first area of the 20th century as well as the high development periods of the united states overall economy after World War II, Fordism, was at the forefront, as it focused on mass creation and mass intake as a way of increasing the current economic climate. However as the US economy went through slow development years, this specific system did not work and other management systems..
Gregorian chant
Instrumental music
Century music
20th century music
History Of Music - An Overview
Keywords: advancement of music, music history The description of music is identified in many ways; Webster's definition is really as follows "a skill of sound in time that expresses ideas and thoughts in significant varieties through the components of tempo, melody, or tranquility. " There are lots of theories regarding when and where music formed. Many concur that music started even before man been around. Researchers point out that we now have six intervals of music and..
Foreseeable future
Daily communication
Audio speakers
Indigenous language
One Language INSIDE THE World
As countries connecting more and more today and with no doubt to be a larger extent in the foreseeable future, people often predicate that if the entire world developed to be united enough and then all people will speak the same words for daily communication. Is it realistic? Just how long will it take to accomplish such a desire? British, as the acknowledged official vocabulary for international communication, has been accepted by increasing numbers of people around the world..
Parts world
21st century
Their children
A Pragmatic Marriage: Analysis
A pragmatic marriage, very popularly called an arranged matrimony is extremely common in many parts of the world because of the common notion that relying on the family to choose a potential partner is considered an edge as they have years of knowledge and experience. The largest plus point is that there surely is a intentional try out taken up to match the two families which include the groom and bride on the wide ranging parameters of interpersonal status, financial strength,..
English literature
Modernism In And Loss of life Shall Have No Dominion English Books Essay
The specific features signified by " modernism" vary with an individual, but most critics concur that it entails a deliberate and radical rest with a few of the original bases both of Traditional western culture and of Traditional western fine art in the first 50 % of the 20th century. Modernism identifies a cultural movement that firmly revolts against the traditional literary varieties and ideas of art, architecture, religious beliefs, culture, civilization and books after..
Prison population
Gender specific
Why women should choose to reintegrate into a society
This major question raised in 2006 could very well be one of the foremost concerns of Pat Carlen's feminist support. Strongly opposed to ladies in prison state of affairs, she is widely thought to be one of the world's leading experts on crime, gender and punishment. Carlen has put through career as a Professor of Sociology at Bath University and before was an Honorary Professor of Criminology of Keele where she was founded and was Head of the Department of Criminology as well..
Digital camera
Best option
Auto mode
DSLR or an electronic Camera?
The first mass use camera became available at the turn of the 20th century and can be traced back to the year 1900 and through the 20th century the pace of technology development in cameras and photography continued at an accelerated pace much like many other key technology developments, exactly like how a digital camera evolved into a DSLR. My question now could be if you are prepared to buy a camera, should you buy a DSLR or an electronic Camera? That is a question that you need to answer..
Ella baker
Amzie moore
Charles payne
Critical Book Review Of Charles Payne Publication History Essay
Charles M. Payne's book I've Got the Light of Independence is a wonderfully written booklet. Payne identifies the civil protection under the law struggle African American's faced during the 20th century especially in Greenwood, Mississippi. Payne's underlying focus is that of the strong custom of organizing against oppression African Us citizens had. It is seen throughout the entirety of the e book. One specifically was the Students Nonviolent Coordinating Committee..
19th century
18th century
17th century
16th century
The REASON FOR Boning WITHIN A Corset Record Essay
The purpose of boning in a corset ranges era to period. The corset and shaping put pressure on the fabric therefore the boning was devote to give the desired shape and to prevent lines and wrinkles in the cloth. In the 17th and 18th century corsets were seriously boned with little or no space between the bone channels. At that time the most popular materials used for boning were massive reeds or whalebone. In the first 19th century the natural form returned. It was the very first..
Study of conrads heart and soul of darkness
More than a century following its publication, it is still unclear whether Conrad's Heart of Darkness acts to perpetuate or dismantle racism. Considered one of the writer to have had the most impact during the 20th century, he is looked at by many as racist due mainly to this novel. One of his greatest critics is Chinua Achebe who points out in "An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad's Heart of darkness" how Joseph Conrad supported racism and colonization. To bolster his quarrels,..
African culture
19th century
A Impact Of American Culture History Essay
This newspaper discusses about impact of the Traditional western culture on the non Traditional western culture like Africa. It also describes about loss of centeredness in the middle of nineteenth and twentieth century and details the idea lack of centeredness to the social groups. This paper provides the early on conditions of the Traditional western Culture on African culture and also examines the changes of the African culture anticipated to development of the European..
Alexander crummell
Booker washington
John jones
Civil rights
The Souls Of Black Folk English Literature Essay
William Edward Burghardt Du Bois was created on February 23, 1868 in Great Barrington Massachusetts, to Alfred Du Bois and Mary Silvina Burghardt. His father deserted him and his mother when he was 2 yrs old and grew up solely by his mother. He was created into a racially mixed town and his family was apart of the free black population which could own land. So he was never fully subjected to what live was like growing up with the Jim Crow Laws and being separated. Then attends Great Barrington..
Marx engels
Communist manifesto
Hundred years
An analysis with the Communist Manifesto
Karl Marx was born in the first 19th century in Germany, where he received his degree in law and philosophy. Shortly after completing university, with his ever growing 'anti-bourgeois sentiment' (Zott, 2006) he found he could no more believe in the German education system. He considered journalism where he developed his radical ideas, in the end he was compelled out of Germany, and he soon enthused onto further producing his studies. Marx satisfied his long life good friend..
Jeff wall
Wall structure
Jeff Wall Picture taking Philosophy
The musician Jeff Wall structure has argued that we now have two prominent myths about photography, 'the myth that it tells the truth, and the misconception it doesn't'. Discuss Wall's assertion with regards to the task of any two photography lovers from the 20th Century. In the next article I propose to go over Jeff Wall surfaces' philosophical statement of picture taking, 'the myth so it tells the reality and the myth so it doesn't' where Wall structure openly recognises the..
Puerto rico
Chinese language
19th century
Retail industry
Effects Of Globalization On Wal Mart
Abstract Wal-Mart has been termed as the poster child of globalization as it has been impacted by changes brought about by globalization at all degrees of its expansion. However the success of Wal-Mart can be attributed to its commercial culture, deeply organised values, philosophies and management expertise, additionally it is true that the business has been hugely influenced by the makes of globalization in the forty years of its procedures. Wal-Mart is not only the biggest..
Critical geopolitics
19th century
United states
What Is The Constructivist Approach To Geopolitics Background Essay
Geopolitics surfaced as a recognizable self-control by the end of the 19th century to handle the effect of geography in modern-day politics. With its concentrate on geography (territorially bounded countries and resources), geopolitics is based on a particularly materialistic and objective focus. However, after critical study of the idea, it becomes noticeable that the geopolitical construction would depend on interpersonal constructions - which stands contrary..
Edgar allan
Literary works
Edgar Allan Poes Life And His Work British Literature Essay
Introduction - Edgar Allan Poe got an extremely disturbed life, full of joys and grief. His life was brief but his works made a great contribution to the development of the literature of American Renaissance. Childhood with the foster parents. The early loss of life of his mother and the serious disease of Frances Allan acquired a strong influence on the near future writer's mental development. It led to the image of your sick woman who mysteriously dies and later comes home from..
Pollock painting
American gothic
North american
The paintings American Gothic and Rhythm
The two paintings that needed the nation for an instant surprise are American Gothic by: Give Lumber and Jack Pollock's autumn Rhythm. Jack Pollock painting was made during the year of 1950. This painting was founded as one of the most magnificent painting to ever sweep history. Grant Wood's painting North american Gothic was made in the 1930's as one of the world's most questionable paintings of all times. Both painting has revolutionized our population all together and art..
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