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Personal Statement on Anxiety Disorder Name Institution Personal Statement on Anxiety Disorder My focus lies on my close friend’s child (boy) whom I have known him since birth. He was born five years ago as the firstborn of a young couple and is currently attending kindergarten classes at the local school. Apparently at the time the child was being introduced to the pre-kindergarten program he was always crying and distressed which was presumed to be normal for every child. However the situation has been similar even after upgrading to thelatter years. I would like the class to share their thoughts on the interrelation between anxiety and current standards of living. References Beidel D. C. & Turner S. M. (2007). Shy children phobic adults: Nature and treatment of social anxiety disorder. Washington DC: American Psychological Association. Eisen A. R. Sussman J. M. Schmidt T. Mason L. Hausler L. A. & Hashim R. (2011). Separation anxiety disorder. In Handbook of child and adoles...

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