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treatment department at the Amelia Court Clinic. Later he took an academic leave to pursue additional training and returned in 2004 as an Assistant Professor for Internal Medicine and Infectious diseases and Associate Medical director of the Clinic. Dr. Beth Levine his University of Texas Southwestern Center supervisor started investigating and questioning his productivity and billing practices which was contrary to the responsibilities of a supervisor. Later it emerged that Levine had a negative attitude towards Middle Easterners and perceived them as lazy incompetent and could not work without proper scrutiny and supervision. Levine made these comments twice in the presence of Nassar and his former supervisor Dr. Philip Keiser (Oyez par. 3). His failure to secure a promotion was as a result of Levine’s interruption in the promotion process. Although he had qualified for a position at the Amelia Court Clinic the pressure from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center’s staff...

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University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center vs. Nassar

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