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Most buyers tend to focus much on the visual appearance and characteristics and make claims that are the colors that persuade them into buying some brands of products. The magic of Colors Red, Yellow and Orange and their influence on customers Most often, the target customer for this color combination is the consumers for foodstuffs in the hotels, pizza parlors or even coffee cafes. Soft drink consumers are also duly targeted by this color combination. The ultimate result reveals that the clients are greatly encouraged and persuaded by the three-color combination to always eat a lot of food very quickly and then leave for their daily businesses and commitments (Psychology & Marketing, 2003, p. Red, orange, and the yellow color mix has been widely used in the food-based businesses such as the coffee cafes and the pizza parlors. Perhaps it could be viewed that these colors promote optimism. These very cheerful colors also help a great deal in the promotion of the foodstuff busin...

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The Psychology and Magic of Colors in Marketing

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