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The triangles are enclosed in a rectangle. I chose the periodic patterned tessellated figure in order for it to act as a special kind of puzzle. For instance, the puzzle that I intend to use the figure to unravel is: how many figures can be identified from the tessellation? (Beyer, 1999). The Type of Transformation Used and Why The tessellation shown in the picture depicts reflection as the transformation. The invisible line along which, the tips of the two triangles meet acts as the first mirror line. The fourth example is the Islamic and Chinese clay patterns on their earthen ware such as pots, jars and ceramic plates (Porter, 2006). The Use of Real World Examples to Teach Elementary Level Students About Tessellations I would tell them to carry to school any material or object which can be carried and contain patterns that resemble mathematical figures which I will draw for them. For example, Triangle Circular Cylinder Rectangle Above is a sample of the figures which I ...

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Tessellation Patterns

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