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Lesson Plan Name Institution Date Lesson Plan Course Title: Mathematics. Objectives: The lesson is very important to the kids and its aim is to achieve the following objectives. To give the kids an opportunity to go outside and interact with nature. This will make them be able to use and appreciate resources which are given by nature. To improve creativity in the kids. The lesson will enhance creativity in the kids which is important in their day-to-day lives. The lesson will enhance problem-solving skills in the kids. Problem-solving skill is one of the most important skills needed in life. The kids will acquire knowledge in measurement. The lesson will be an opportunity for the kids to do body exercise throughstudents will record the data of their structures on a group T chart. The chart will be drawn on the whiteboard and the recording will have the student's name on the left and the size of their sculpture on the left. Instructional language: English Instructional strategies: Inte...

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Description STEM math lesson plan for first graders : include- `content standards `objectives `procedures `guiding questions `academic language & instructional strategies `checklist for students to self-assess `rubric for descriptive feedback `supports for diverse learners FALL STEM Challenge for Ki...

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