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In my pursuit of becoming a chartered accountant this master will give me a plane route in combination of the certified public accounting of Kenya.  Apart from my studies I have had a chance to work as a trainee accountant in a Semi-Autonomous Government Agency in Finance and Administration Department, this role as taught me the values and practice of accounting in a full and realistic view of workplace environment by participating in tasks such as preparing financial statements, analyzing financial data, tax computational, identifying ways to reduce costs, and make recommendations that impact the entire organization. This has been an opportunity to learn first-hand about valued requirements in field of accounting and management that cannot be taught or experienced in the classroom, while working there also I was involved in audit role, I was tasked as a primary contact with external auditors and also in engaging with the auditors within the organization, Audit as we all know is a dy...

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A client Wanted a statement of purpose for admission tp Masters in Accounting and Audit in University of Luxembourg the score was 10/10

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