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"title":"The Revolution of Ancient DNA—What Does Genetics Tell Us About the Past?" "type":"article-journal" "volume":"7"} "uris":[""]}] "mendeley":{"formattedCitation":"(Mathov & Carmel 2019)" "plainTextFormattedCitation":"(Mathov & Carmel 2019)" "previouslyFormattedCitation":"(Mathov & Carmel 2019)"} "properties":{"noteIndex":0} "schema":""}(Mathov & Carmel 2019). Evolutionary knowledge has accumulated over time aided by DNA technology. For instance in 1970 Susumu Ohno published a book in which he argued that evolution occurred by gene duplication. He argued that gene duplication creates redundant gene copies released from the hold of natural selection subsequently harboring dangerous mutations. The development of Polymerase Chain Reaction as a DNA technology in 1984 enabled rapid amplification of DNA target genes tha...

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A brief look into the role of molecular biology in evolutionary classification.

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