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Grocery stores, vending machine operators and convenience stores won't need to stress over the ban. Mr. Bloomberg did not put a ban on refills. Box 2 Copy and paste the same paragraph from your final draft. Highlight the changes you made in pink. The sentences have been connected to make it easy to read through the document and understand. The correction in citation has also improved the final draft in that the reader is now in a position to understand which format was being used for citation. Part B: Argument Paste the entire final draft of your argument here. Soft drinks have been representing one of the greatest health threats to people around the world. With the phosphoric acid content in soda, the body’s ability to absorb calcium is interfered with, and that can lead to bone softening or osteoporosis. Additionally, Mr. Bloomberg did not put a ban on refills. On the contrary, many critics and City Council individuals were against the soda ban. They expressed that intense mea...

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