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and social status on this show. One of the products we will advertise on this show is Rolling Duffle Bag manufactured by J.W. Hume and goes for $2 600. Unlike other leather bags the leather used to make this bag is obtained from small craft tanneries in Maine Minnesota Tennessee and Illinois. This leather is tanned in a special manner thereby bring out the leather’s natural details. This leather wheeled duffle bag that is handcrafted in the U.S. is a lifetime guarantee. The other product that is ideal for this show is the L.L. Bean’s Penobscot Canoe manufactured by Old Town. This canoe retails at $1 899. The canoe is not only made in the United States but also ranked the fastest in its class. The canoe comes with sharp V-entry bow straight keel line and shallow-arch bottom hence making it extremely quick and efficient in the water irrespective of the conditions. The third product that we will place on this show is the Aiden waxed longwing bluchers that retail at $550. These bluchers ar...

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