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com/2014/06/27/nyregion/city- loses-final-appeal-on- limiting-sales-of-large- sodas.html?_r=0 On the Internet The site has international influence Source: 2014/06/26/new-yorks-top-court-rules-nyc-sugary-drink-ban-is-illegal.html On the Internet The site posts news not opinions. Combine these two thoughts into one sentence; this is your claim.  Soda ban is not viable; it will not help solve the obesity problem.   Your finalized claim:  Soda ban is a non-viable strategy that will not resolve the concern of obesity for healthy living.   Identifying the Counterclaim 1.   Your finalized counterclaim:  I understand that some people won’t agree with me, for the ban of large sodas quantities can assist people’s drinking tendency.

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