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It has put travelers into segments namely; the free spirits, the cultural explorers, the authentic experiencers, Personal history explorers, gentle explorers, no-hassle travelers and rejuvenators Free spirits are approximately 54% women and 46% men, 49% are in the age bracket (18-34) years. They tend to seek luxurious accommodation, fine dining, outdoor winter activities, and hands- on learning activities. They also seek exploring tourist hot spots; they are young and adventurous thrill seekers. Out of the three segments, this group has the highest level of trust in bands and big business advertisements. If businesses want to attract free spirit travelers they must consider doing some advertisements using social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. (Hudson et al, pg.223) Authentic experiencers are approximately 49% female, and 51% male and 51% are over the age of 55. All they want is a chance to connect with locals in a meaningful ways when they travel and want to be surrou...

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