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measured and proved. However his behavioral perspective also faced criticism as his critics claimed that the theory gave little emphasis to cognitive measures but majorly focused on environmental behavioral determinants ( Bergman & Andersson 2015). In contrast to theoretical explanation of behavioral theory cognitive theory explains the development of thought and human understanding. Developed by Jean Piaget the theory states that in their struggle to understand the world around them children go through four stages of cognitive development including; sensorimotor period (0-2 years) pre-operational period (2-7 years) concrete operational period (7-11 years) and formal operational period (11-adulthood). His theory explains the need for human balance which assimilates the new ideas or modifies the old ideas to fit into the system a process he terms as assimilation. However this theory also faces criticism as it underestimates infants’ and preschoolers’ competencies. The two new theori...

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Piaget vs Vygotsky

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