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Name Tutor Course Date Behavioral Model to Explain Phobias Phobias have defined by different individuals in different ways and explanations in some instances they have been described as acts which are more profound than the fears. Asmundson (2013) defined phobia as the overwhelming fear in an individual when exposed to an object a place an organism situation or a feeling. Various model in psychology has been used to describe the different types of phobias and develop the treatment for the phobias. In this paper we will look into the behavioural model and the therapies that have been developed from the model to treat the phobias. According toPersons (2012) the behavioural approach the abnormal behaviour in the individual can be caused by three theories which include operant conditioning theory classical conditioning theory and lastly the social learning theory. However each theory can be used on their own to explain phobias. Asmundson (2013)stipulated a two process model in the behavio...

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