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The teacher’s guiding role provides an opportunity for the children to discover themselves and generate answers to their own questions hence learn a lot. Children’s curiosity needs to direct the learning programs. When a curriculum is developed around the children’s interests, it fosters an intrinsic motivation which develops a passion for the children to exploit their fullest potential that facilitates the learning process. One way to achieve this is by clearly identifying the children’s interests, for instance, if it is singing, the curriculum is developed in such a way that it emphasizes on songs. But most importantly, the songs need to be simple and interesting. I try as much as possible to ensure that the teaching is relevant to the children’s life, I do this by incorporating their curriculum with life themes that interests them. This instills a passion for learning that enhance their personal development. I strive to allow the children be responsible for their own lives using ...

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Personal Philosophy Teaching in a Diverse Society

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