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Working as required and following all the principles that have been determined and set for me gives an indication that I have done the right thing. I certainly use utilitarianism approach in solving problems rather than a rule based approach. I also follow the virtue based approach to a certain degree. For example in case of a pregnancy that is likely to lead to the loss of both the mother and the child I would advocate for termination which is in contrast with what many people believe that abortion is wrong and a crime. (Raphael (1994) My beliefs are based mainly on the consequences that the act will bring bearing in mind the guiding principles that I should adhere to. Especially in the medical field the future generation should be able to evaluate the morality of their actions so that they do not interfere with others and will always act in the best way. (Veatch, (1981) By using the virtue based approach in making decisions sometimes while in the field ...

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