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The difference in cultures of people will call for different approaches when handling them. I came to understand that some illnesses are as a result of psychological disorders. Without addressing those mental issues, no remedy can solve such diseases. The environment that one is brought up in plays a vital as a health determinant. For example, if an individual is brought up in a marshy area, the likelihood of contracting malaria or sleeping sickness is high. Data storage and processing are convenient when computers are incorporated into the system. In this course, I have gained the necessary computer skills that I find handy in the medical field. The holistic patient-centred care has enabled me to appreciate the need for treating patients with dignity.It involves the process of diagnosis, treatment and handling patient inwards. Due to extreme conditions, patients may succumb to pathophysiology, which refers to an impaired function in an individual or an organ due to a disease. Also, it...

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This assignment discusses the importance of conducting a background study for the cause of an illness and relate how the environment can help in bringing about quick recovery. The assignment is not yet submitted to any institution.

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