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The author indulges in writing about a topic which has been overlooked with regard to other written topics about mathematics. The author found that from previous research, African Americans are not so well represented in certain mathematics classes especially Algebra courses (Larnell, 2016). This according to the author brings out the issue of inequitable access to education which is specifically caused by racial factors. The author challenges the education system to ensure that a wider pool of mathematical learners is incorporated irrespective of color or race. In addition, it is evident from the article that mathematics is one if not the highest ranked subject in relation to its overall effect on international economics and social systems(Rattan,Good, & Dweck,2012). The social impact of mathematics in this case can be attributed to the fact that the inequalities are caused by sociohistorical aspects and institutional practices that tend to lean against students of color (Pampaka et ...

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