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• There can be no motion without a precise determination and speed. • Newton hugged demonstrates that extension and body have no difference at all from cold, colour, weight, abstracting hardness and the remaining qualities that a body can lack so that at least there remains only its extension in width, depth, and length. • Newton hugged argues that space extends in all directions infinitely. There is no imagination of any limit without space beyond. • Space can be distinguished in all directions into parts called surfaces; again these surfaces can be separated in all directions into parts whose natural limits are known as call lines. Also, the motion is a change of place. The text supports the claim that the situation plays no role in the object moving because the objects move naturally.The movement of objects depends on the internal principles of motion from one place to another. Huggett claims that the earth is absolute and natural on the move and it is only that movement...

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Newton: On The Gravity and Equilibrium of Fluids

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