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A major concern was that the devil was trying to infiltrate the community and had an intention of destroying the community more so those who believed in Christianity (Morrison, Dane & Nancy, 44). The community had been strongly oriented on religious beliefs but lived on a fear in the mysterious new world. This heightened the sense of devil and fear intensified amongst the people. Background The Salem witch trial has been discussed previously by several scholars and researchers. Their investigations have shown that the experiences were worsened by the confession of Tibuta who was one of the witches who confessed that she had been working for the devil (Adams, 14). During this time, the glorious revolution occurred in England with the Massachusetts Bay colonists winning over and overthrowing the dominion of England which had not yet became popular in the region (Morrison, Dane & Nancy, 38). An antireligious charter was later issued by the king and queen of England Mary and William that...

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Myths of the Salem Witch Trials and it's lasting affects.

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