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The paper will focus on the history of linear algebra, the mathematics involved, how it is applied in the real world and give concluding remarks at the end of the research paper. II. History of linear algebra For a deeper insight of the history of linear algebra, this paper first gives the definitions of linear algebra. However, the definitions are not precise, but revolve around the characteristics of linear algebra. The first definition is that linear algebra refers to a branch of mathematics that is involved in investigating and analyzing mappings in spaces and dimensional vector spaces (Banerjee and Anindya, 2014). However, according to Strang (1993), Cramer did not come up with the solution to solving n*n systems of linear equations. Later long, Euler came with an idea of placing unknowns in equations. He argued that equation did not have to have a solution necessarily according to Roger (2000). He emphasized the use of unknown for solving an equation to get a solution. Unti...

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Linear Algebra

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Linear Algebra
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