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The project seeks to give a brief overview of the history of linear algebra and its practical applications touching on the various topics used in concordance with it. Around 4000 years ago, the people of Babylon knew how to solve a simple 2X2 system of linear equations with two unknowns. Around 200 BC, the Chinese published that “Nine Chapters of the Mathematical Art,” they displayed the ability to solve a 3X3 system of equations (Perotti). The simple equation of ax+b=0 is an ancient question worked on by people from all walks of life. The power and progress in linear algebra did not come to fruition until the late 17th century. His efforts dealt with equations of differing numbers and variables as well as the traditional pre-19th century works of Euler, Leibnitz, and Cramer. Gauss’ work is now summed up in the term Gaussian elimination. This method uses the concepts of combining, swapping, or multiplying rows with each other in order to eliminate variables from certain equations. Aft...

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Linear Algebra

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Linear Algebra
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