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Also, the author of the book covers the natural leadership characteristics that Abraham Lincoln had such as empathy, exemplary communication skills, honesty, devotion to individual rights and integrity that were being proposed by Abraham Lincoln (Phillips et al. Furthermore, in the introduction part of the book, the author describes the challenges that Abraham Lincoln encountered in his first term such as secession of seven states from the United States country. Review of Part One of Phillip’s Book (People) Part one of Phillip’s book is divided into three chapters. The first chapter of the book whose title is ‘Get Out of the Office and Circulate among the Troops’ tries to examine the management style that Lincoln used during his administration. Moreover, he wanted to demonstrate that he was a true leader both in word and in actions. Seward during Lincoln’s first term as President of America often attempted to overstep his boundaries. In one instance, Lincoln had to caution him by te...

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Lincoln on Leadership

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