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     being visible.      leaders serving as role models.     Question 4 5 / 5 ptsA code of ethics signals a strong ethical environment even if an ethical corporate culture and top management support are lacking.    True   Correct!    False   Rationale: It would be worthless unless it was backed up by management and embraced in the culture.   Question 5 5 / 5 pts____ culture represents a leadership belief in strong, mutually reinforcing exchanges and linkages between employees and departments. Correct!    True      False     Question 12 5 / 5 ptsTraditionalists are those in the workforce who are identified as being born before ____. Correct!    1946      1900      1981      1965     Question 13 5 / 5 ptsThe United States has a culture where the majority of the population tolerate risk and are relatively comfortable with uncertainty and unpredictability.

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The _________ culture usually has intense rivalries internally and with outside competitors, high performance standards and tough internal reviews, all of which are used to weed out the weak and reward the strong. The strength of any culture depends on: the leader's relationship with his or her...

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