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rigid and use technical terms that are hard to comprehend. However the laws need modification to enhance the freedom of contract. The contract process not only needs to preserve the integrity of the bargaining process but also give the signatories of a contract the freedom to negotiate terms of the contract as they deem fit. The major vitiating factors have encouraged flourish of unfair terms that have hindered the small business from competing favorably against established firms. In fact most consumers are not aware of their rights to seek redress against the bad contract. Moreover some consumers assume that terms and conditions of an agreement deter them from seeking redress in case they find a fault in a contract. As such the terms and conditions of Australian Contract Laws ought to be simplified to make it easy for victims of unfair agreement to seek relief. Some unfair terms of the contract need to be banned if they provide an avenue for exploiting a contract unfairly. For instanc...

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law reform commission submission on vitiating factors in contract law

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