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Prediction of earthquakes is therefore not an exact science and it is due to this fact that the court should have been a little bit lenient in its conviction. A conviction of this magnitude would have resulted in harming different disciplinary scientific fields which mitigate loss of life and property during earthquakes [3]. This could be due to fear of future prosecutions that might arise minor failures. Scientists would also be afraid to offer scientific advice when natural disasters are concerned [1]. From actions which preceded the earthquake, it’s evident that the scientists did not do anything wrong. It is the obligation of the scientists to decide the means through which the communication of their knowledge would be most effective. This information needs to be clear and precise with the aim of targeting both non-scientists and scientifically savvy citizens. The scientist needs to be fully aware of their own ethical choices before using scientifically generated information to ...

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L'Aquila Earthquake Case Study Assignment

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